What is your favourite campaign of AoE2 DE? Or classic AoE2 for that matter?

in my case, I’d say the Mongols campaign. Always loved it to death. Not only the maps but how the campaign evolves.

Tbh, I haven’t played the new DE campaigns much for now, it’s a #### but I completed Vlad Dracula’s campaign and I don’t think any campaign is better than that.

It’s a campaign I completed several times already, which I don’t usually do. It has some great moments, like Ornlu the Wolf in the first scenario, or when you get into China, “the most advanced empire of the world”. Also the mongols as a civ is, and always will be, one of my favourites.

I only miss the game doesn’t have technologies like falconry, as Mongols always used that to hunt.

Sforza (both on HD and DE), i really appreciated that condottieri vibe

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Jadwiga is by far the best campaign in the game, followed by the other Dawn of the Dukes and Dynasties of India campaigns. Then Hautevilles and Grand Dukes are up there, followed by Kotyan Khan and Tamerlane.


I don’t know much about the historical accuracy of the missions but Jadwiga is the best official campaign in terms of gameplay variety imo. A lot of campaigns have this design where if you accidentally land on a particular point in the map or miss it, it becomes impossible to win. This campaign was tough but didn’t have anything like that. The duel mission against Lithuanians, the day-night attack defense mission, the timed mission to do as many secondary objectives as you can were very unique and well designed.

I also liked the last 2 missions of the Byzantine campaign (I think Bari, but not sure).
From custom campaigns, Janos Hunyadi and Vytautas the great are my favorites.


@Coranhon1 once I complete the Mongols campaign again -I am in the last scenario- on AoE2 DE, I am going to try that one, 'cos I am still completing all the classic campaigns once again.

@TheConqueror753 thanks for the suggestion, good to know, and this one seems there is a lot of unanimity with this one.

@Pulikesi25 Bizantines are also one of my favourite civs. Can’t recall the name of their campaign though. But it was a great civ for beginners and I liked the fact that the Roman empire kinda lived through them.

As for custom campaigns, thanks for the suggestions. I’ve played a lot of those in AoE1 classic and DE, since I don’t play a lot of multiplayer. I’ve never played a custom campaign in AoE2 DE, so it’s about time. I’ve been a AoE1 player for the most part, but now that the game is going to be part of AoE2 DE that’s going to change.

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Barbarossa is my favourite. The scenario designs have a lot of interesting variety, without ever being overcomplicated or gimmicky. I think Teutons are one of the best civ designs in the game, and the scenarios are well designed around the their themes and gameplay. The DE version is a big improvement over the original, thanks to the higher population limits, wider variety of enemy civs, and improvements to Teutons.

I also like the Dawn of the Dukes campaigns – I actually prefer Jan Zizka to Jadwiga, mostly because I’m not keen on The Siege of Vilnius. I’m not sure why, since it’s it’s quite similar to The Mountain Siege (Le Loi Scenario 2), which is one of my favourites.

I would add Tamerlane as well, but Sultan of Hindustan really lets it down for me.


thanks for the suggestions. Barbarossa is one of those campaigns that I finished a long…, long time ago. I felt powerful playing the Teutons back then. However, I don’t remember much of the campaign tbh, so it’s a good time to replay it. As you say, there are improvements in the campaigns, the population limit being one of them, that didn’t exist before. In fact I feel “odd” when playing the Mongols campaign 'cos I remember the population limits where more restrictive.

I am completing all the campaigns in the game as of currently, step by step.

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Jan Zizka is one of my favorites, for the cause above all else.


Maybe not the best campaign but Montezuma got a special place for me. When I played as a kid it was so different and other worldly what I had experience before. It sparked a life long interest in Mesoamerica.

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They are all very good, I do not have a favorite, but maybe those of DotD because they are all connected with Jogaila (all three) and the battle of Grunwald (Jadwiga and Jan Zizka)…It could also be Wallace’s simply because it was the first one I played as the tutorial of the game xd…


My favourite campaign is Ivaylo.

That feel good story in the beginning turns out a political messianism tragedy. His rise, almost by accident, the inevitable clash with world powers (Byzantines, Mongols), his absurd destitution (people thought he died on the field so another sovereign was installed) and that surprisingly sad last scenario — he tought he was fighting for his people when actually he was being puppeted by ##### (himself a great character) — is simply a storytelling masterpiece.

Other plots I love: Jadwiga Attila, Bayinnaung.

Interesting gameplays: Jadwiga, Grand Dukes of The West.

Fun gameplays: Attila, Tamerlane, every AOK/AOC.

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I completed the Mongols campaign today once again, and started with Barbarossa -for the other campaigns, like Jadwiga, I have to pay for the DLC, which I will in due time-. The narration of the very first scenario of the Barbarossa’s campaign is top notch, I remember it fondly from the original AoE2.