What is your favourite color to play with?

I have always been interested what are the favourite colors for players to play with? Personally I always loved to play Orange or Cyan. I have to say original DE versions of those two colors are not the best for me so I use custome palettes. We also know experts have different favourite colors. Viper loves yellow, Liereyy likes green, Hera likes blue and green, while Vinchester picks purple. What colors do you pick?

You can give two answers in this poll. May be you have favourite color when you have to play player 1,3,5,7 and another when you play 2,4,6,8.

What is your favourite color to play with?
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Cyan
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Orange

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Purple - colour of royalty and empires.
Gray - the more neutral colour.

I really miss the black colour we had during the limited event. They could have tweaked the minimap colour and kept black instead of the washed out grey

How did you use a custom colour?

There was a tool published on reddit (last time I checked it the site was not working). in this tool you put the RGB values of the colors you want and it was making all the shades needed for your color. Than you go to the folder where is the original color and copy + paste. If you are in the game and go to the mod center most of the player colors have that tool credited and you can check if it is working atm.

If I understand corectly you liked the spring event dark grey? you can check if there is a mod for it and just install it. There is also “Rorarimbo” player colors mod :slight_smile: that a guy from AoEZone made on my request. It combines the original blue, red, green and purple with spring event yellow, cyan, green and orange. Tatoh uses it for example. Later I have tweaked very little the purple and the yellow but there is almost no difference, Memb uses my palettes. I just dont know how to make a mod to be able to offer you that.

Anyway you can check for different player color mods, there are quite a few, and pick what you like best.

I like orange - it looks really great on Eastern architecture.

One of my friends used grey since, according to him, “it makes my units less visible on the minimap”.


Long ago when the game was new and we were young 111 I had a friend who would play Grey and hide vills around the map if his base was destroyed.

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I like green, and orange on the other team. But green is better.

(Yeah I know, surprising.)

(This post is going to look pretty strange if I change my avatar again.)

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I usually play Blue, sometimes Red, rarely Green and all the other colours are roughly used once every 100 match or when for some weird reason I’m in the mood for some MP TGs.

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Grey, because I can hide one villager behind their stone walls if they beat me and wait until they get annoyed looking for it and resign (/sarcasm)

But I actually like grey

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I like orange and purple, in that order…

But any color is fine for me except yellow and grey, hard to see them in some maps

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Depends on the civ im using. Green for celts and sarracens, yellow for mongols, blue for franks, orange to magyars, red for malians, grey or random for everything else.