What is your favourite Paladin civ in AoE2?

This is not a question only about the Paladin itself since everyone would vote the Franks, but the civ as a whole, how the civ works with the Paladin.

  • Burgundians (no bloodline, stable technologies 50% cheaper)
  • Byzantines (no bloodline, no last blacksmith attack +2)
  • Celts (no bloodline, no last blacksmith defense +1/+2)
  • Cumans (no husbandry for speed)
  • Franks (no bloodline, +20 HP, +2 LOS)
  • Huns (Stables 20% faster)
  • Lithuanians (Each relic gives +1 attack to Paladins)
  • Magyars (generic AF)
  • Persians (+2 attack vs archers)
  • Spanish (generic AF)
  • Teutons (no husbandry for speed, +1 armor)
  • Bulgarians (honorable mention since their Cavaliers are close)

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I don’t want to come across as a know-it-all, and now that i said it, i certainly do but:
Cumans have effectivly +5%speed, Franks have +12hp and also faster working stabiles, lithuanians lackb blast furnace and teutons get +2 melde Armor.
Also one could argue for malians and sicilians as honorable mentions.


My favourite is Burgundians due to fast and cheap upgrade as well as good eco+ best Hand Cannoneer support. Franks and Cumans can be argued to better but this isn’t strongest Paladin poll eventually.

Spanish Paladin isn’t exactly generic, saving +390 gold with Blacksmith bonus. Magyars Paladin has free attack upgrades also but Spanish’s Paladin is better because Spanish has other eco bonuses in addition.

I don’t think Byzantines and Celts deserve to be in this list. They can’t be compared to others because they are clearly worse than even Paladin with no bonus.

How did you get your figure of 390 gold saved for Spanish?

Upgrading paladins Spanish save 695 gold.

150 + 200 = cav armour

120 + 225 = attack

Thats almost all of the paladin upgrade gold cost right there. Then you also get around 600 to 800 gold throughout the game with the tech gold back bonus

Spanish paladins are discounted and therefore better than generic

I thought only cav armor upgrades, yes there is discounted attack upgrades, too. Spanish Paladin has insane discount (755 gold) from Blacksmith armor and attack as you said. Spanish Paladin is one of the best it seems.

Wait now how did you get 755? Your numbers are all over the place lmao

it is total 695 gold. 4 upgrades = 20*4 = 80 gold. → 695 + 80 = 775 gold. I counted 3 upgrades thus I calculated 20 gold less.


Oh yea forgot those upgrades give 20 gold back. EVEN BETTER

Completely unbiased answer : the Franks.

Spanish. They’re the Burgundians before the Burgundians when it comes to the most affordable Paladin upgrade, due to the Spanish Blacksmith discount. And with the new tech bonus, Cavalier probably has a “free” gold cost as well.


Man before nerf Lithuanian Paladin with 4 relics because it rewarded your effort and teamwork.