What is your opinion on siege in AOE4

I’ve played a lot fof AOE4 now and it seems like, if in your game no one rushes, the player with more siege will win. Siege takes a very important role in the current meta. Perhaps even the most important (?).

In my honest opinion, bombards are seriously overpowered as they are way to tanky and deal too much damage. 3 Mangonels are able to decimate your army in no time in case you weren’t prepared for them. Springalds are spammed as they are relatively low cost for their damage output and agility. When you put 2 villager near a royal cuiverine of the French it is litterly unkillable unless its completly open without any allied troops around it.

So. it’s just a general feeling of mine and it sort of vanishes the fun of AOE for me. I just wanted to ask around whether or not others think the same. What do you think about it? Maybe I’m just to bad to counter siege properly. I dunno.

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I don’t think damage is the issue barring maybe the springald, but siege imo takes too long to kill with torches and/or repairing siege is too fast.

The one annoying thing I find is the current meta leads castle/imp scout masses to be a strong strategy top level players are employing to kill siege which just feels wrong.

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