What is your preferred theme for a new expansion?

  • Caucasus
  • Oceania
  • Invaders of China
  • More Africa
  • More America
  • More Europe
  • Other (explain)

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Self-explanatory. What is your preferred region to be covered in hypothetical future expansions?

I want African, American and Oceanian civs equally. Poll doesn’t allow that though.


Why isnt more south asia(india) or south east aisa in the poll?


I didn’t think of it. I was mainly going for regions that aren’t represented at all.

Then why do you have europe in the list? It already got 5 civis now.


Because I figured there would be some people who’d want more European civs.

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Devs should fix the current 2 problematic bottom tier Indian Civs. Bengalis seem to have found a niche in Arena. Still their Ratha needs some rework. Lankans are a choice. But they are too similar to Dravidians. Given that water meta is not popular, Devs will probably go with North/South America as their expansion choice.

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My prediction is that the next expansion will be about Africa or the Caucasus. I would also love a Chinese DLC, but a possible ban could discourage the devs.
Although Europe is currently full of civs and I don’t think it needs more a long time, it’s very likely another European DLC could happen in a near future.

Thats a completely different topic.

Dravidians itself is an umbrella,can divide that to different civis.

Representation Wise
Gurjaras = Rajasthani+Gujarati+Malvi+Marathi
Hindustani = Afghan+Punjabi+Kannauji+Sindhi
Bengali = Bengali+Kamrupi+Oriya+Sinhala
Dravidians = Tamil+Telugu+Kannada+Gond


I am not against more Europe, but I would prefer more China and Caucasus.

And yet you added europe…

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Funny how Indian monastery is based on an Oriya temple (Konark Sun Temple - Wikipedia) but Oriya is not in game.

Yeah but you’d have that for all areas of the World, including south Asia and south-east Asia. ;p

If I were to rank the choices, Africa would be my #1. That is one of the regions that are hurting the most right now, and then America/Oceania/Asia (f.e. China split). Maybe Caucasus then, too.

A little bored of all the European DLCs, I’m glad we got an Indian DLC at least!

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If the question is what I’d prefer, I will definitely answer Africa, though I expect East Asia to be the next step after South Asia.

I think Punjabi and Sindhi would be considered Gurjaras. I would have also mentioned Assamese as part of the Bengali, and Deccani in the Hindustani umbrella. I think a DLC with Kannada and Deccani would probably be interesting, but I don’t see it happening in the near future, and I would even be okay with a new European dlc before. Obviously, it should circle the world first.

Edit: I had to edit this message several times because of out of control incomprehensible censoring, I really don’t understand how this thing works.

Gurjaras/Dravidians/Bengalí/Hindustani split