What land units should I make as Koreans?

Default ranged units War Wagons or Arbalesters?

And what other Korean land units would you make to back up the War Wagons?

No Blast Furnace, Plate Barding Armor, and Bloodlines make cavalry and infantry weak at combat, is which troubles me.

Hwa Rang, handsome archers which means “Flowery Boys”.

Arbalesters for open maps as you need early and cheap army, War wagons on closed maps as it is easier to put down castles.
You can add bbc and cheap Halberdiers, they are good.

Do no hesitate to make knights in castle age if needed, and hussars in late game, even though they arent the bests.

But yeah, Korean like Celts and Goths have a rather unidimentional tech tree…


Koreanas pretty weak at open maps. Maybe closing gaps and focing your oppenent to fight in narrow area can be main strategy.

Their Halberdiers are still good enough.

Late game, your army composition is Halbs, Onagers, 1-2 Bombard Cannons to snipe Castles, possibly Towers to control the map.

Their Skirmishers are also playable late game, although Skirms are a tricky unit to use, it’s easy to make too many and die to a Hussar switch.

It’s one of the more awkward civilizations to play on Arabia though.

You can play Arbalest but on Arabia Arbalest isn’t a great unit anymore, most players don’t bother with Arbalester upgrade anymore.


You should be new to the game
The right answer is: It Depends!

What did he mean by this?

SInce the WW nerfs Koreans can basically only be played like a standard archer civ.

With bad eco and very few appliable bonusses they usually feel “behind” at basically all stages of the game and the WW transiotion is most of the time just too expensive.

The only thing you have kinda going for you are the defences. Free tower upgrades and stone mining bonus. But doesn’t look like this is really “strong” these days, defences aren’t mobile enough to keep up with Knights.

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Halbs and siege onagers. The lack of blast furnace doesn’t really affect halbs cos they still have an insane bonus vs cavalry and the extra range onagers supported by towers is really hard to deal with.

Depends on the situation.

Arbalest, Halb, Skirm, Onager, BBC, WW.