What language do you think The Circle should speak?

  • Portuguese (because Order of Christ)
  • French (Because the original Templars were French)
  • British English
  • American English
  • Mixed languages/Other Language
  • I should go out more

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The Circle is a fictional faction inspired on the Templars. The Templars, after being disbanded, became The Order of Christ in Portugal. My guess is that for archaic units, The Circle should speak Portuguese. What do you think? Do you think other units should speak other languages? Do you think Portuguese is the right choice for archaic units? How about Settlers?
I’m asking because I want to add speech to some units


I will go for mixed languages
I know is harder to do, but think that would reflect the approach!


Being a fictional secret society I would say they should speak Latin or a mixed language.


Mixed languages isn’t particularly more difficult tbh.

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It’s just changing
PortuguesePikemanAttack to

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Very nice
Go ahead pal!

If, for example, I made a mod of a civilization based on the Circle of Ossus, they would be like the Anti-Maltese, something very similar to the Maltese but darker and more sinister, since they are also an international order, but a secret one that operates in the shadows. So the most logical thing would be for the units to use different languages such as Maltese. The problem for me would be to choose which is the most appropriate language for the settlers…

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The circle should just talk in circles.

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It’s settlers who I don’t know what would they speak

I won’t go into a circular argument with you

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we know one of the leaders is french without doubt.

i think alain is either french or english, its not super clear but i guess hes english?

warrick is english

so the answer is likely that they should speak a mixture of french and english.


Most likely many languages, since The Circle of Ossus has enclaves in Britain, Russia, Prague, Alexandria and Spain. In addition, they possessed a library made of stone in Malta’s caves and also held territory near Havana, Cuba, the site of the Ossuary. The battles for the Lake of the Moon took place in the Americas.

The Circle had a strong military, made of forces from the powerful countries of Europe. The core army of the Circle is mainly German, using Uhlans and Doppelsoldners with Crossbowmen and Pikemen but also adopting other units such as Cavalry Archer Scouts in the Andes, British Musketeers and Longbowmen around Warwick’s leadership and Lancers that were used in the attack against the Incas. At Acts 2-3, the Circle acquires a secondary Russian Army that serves them at several times. They had their own elite troops, called the Boneguard. They had also tamed white animals, including Jaguars, Wolves, and Cougars, which are featured in the library of stone.

The Circle appears to be strongest in Act II, but weakest in Act III.

While the boneguard was the core of the Circle armies, it would later become the entire army as they grew to lack any supplements other than them.

The Circle, by default, have exactly the same technology tree as the British. They even share the same capital, which is London.

Only the Rocket and Longbowman have voice clips. All other units do not have voice clips.
The developers must have altered their technology tree in Acts I and III, where they have trainable units nearly identical to the Germans and the Boneguard units.

Their architectural style is the polar opposite of John Black’s Mercenaries’.
All buildings except the House use the German architectural style
They use Manor Houses, same as the British.

In short a German civ with British villagers and homecity…

Alain Magnan is a French name, he is based on Jean Parisot from La Valette…there was a good relationship with Morgan since Morgan is Scottish, they both don´t like the English…


I don’t care so much what languages speak, but I really want to use this card, it seems very decent, especially those musks and cuirs 0 pop are great to complete the composition of the army of age 3.

And the civ itself is a copy of Germans ^°^

That’s why I said it…it’s a German civ with British villagers…It’s like John Black’s mercenaries but in reverse, the Circle has German buildings and British units (Longbowman and Rockets), while John Black has British buildings and German units (Ulhans and War Wagons)…

The Circle is a 1 to 1 copy of the British just with Eastern Architecture set.

In the 1st and 3rd act they get their techtree modified to be more German like.

They also always get the Boneguards unlocked.

I think they should speak a lot of different languages like Malta does right now.


Sure, is it a British civ with German buildings or a German civ with British units…

They seem to be strongly German-adjacent in Acts 1 and 3. Act 2 has them mostly acting as British.
Ideally, they should be somewhat cosmopolitan. However, the German units they use extensively left an imprint on me. Uhlans appear fighting for them as often as Boneguard.


Since the circle is a fictitious secret society, what do you think if its buildings depend on the map?, after all they should want to go unnoticed, regarding the language I think that “officially” it could be Latin, but it could have a language depending on which civilization they want to pretend they are.

Question, is this for a MOD or just for fun?

If you really want to make a statement. You could have them be voiced in Esperanto.

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Both. Instead of learning SQL or Excel, I’m pondering about fictional societies. I want to make a small mod to give The Circle a voice set.
I’m thinking Age II miitary units, Portuguese, Age III British and Age IV either British or USA. Settlers I have no idea. Priest could get Latin, I don’t know, but I’m too lazy (see asking stupid stuff in the forum instead of learning stuff).