What language, or dialect, does the Burgundians speak?

The East Germanic language was extinct long ago, and there was once a time I hoped they speak Dutch/Flemish.

I know in-game they speak a different dialect of French, because when I click on a villager, their pronunciation of “bonjour”, “pret” sounds rather different.

The Burgundian units speak their namesake (Burgundian: Bregognon, French: Bourguignon). It is an Oïl language spoken in Burgundy and particularly in the Morvan area of the region.

Why would they speak a completely irrelevant language?

It’s not completely irrelevant. The Burgundians also represent the Low Countries, like Belgium and, yes, the Netherlands.

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Then the civilization name should be dutch not burgundians.

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Civilizations can represent multiple things. Burgundy controlled both Belgium and the Netherlands at one point in time.

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Netherlands should speak Frician not flemish.

English controlled scotland and ireland does that mean they all should speak english?

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The Frisians should speak Frisian. The Frisians were not the Dutch. They were one people group living in the Netherlands, not the whole country.