What New Cultures Do You Think Should Be In AoM (Poll)

i wanted to see what the public thought of adding new cultures to AoM in the future (if what you wanted isn’t here then scroll down)
you have a maximum of 5 votes, since 5 is how much is currently in game, so that would be doubling it, which is probably too much,
there is an option if you think that there is no need for new civilizations
if i miss anything please reply

  • Hindu
  • Buddhist
  • Shintoism
  • Australian
  • Maori
  • Hawaiian
  • Aztec
  • Inca
  • Algonquian
  • Navajo
  • Sioux
  • Inuit
  • Slavic
  • Celtic
  • Etruscan
  • Roman
  • Yoruba
  • Voodoo
  • Bantu
  • No Need For New Cultures

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forgot to add Koreans
if you want koreans only leave four or less in the first poll

  • koreans

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I think the Maya would make more sense than the Aztecs, given the time period the game is supposed to be set and the similarities between the two pantheons.

But geographically, the two biggest holes are probably India and the Americas, so I think the Hindus and Maya should be prioritised.


@conorbebe the thing about it is aztec were more powerful, and represent the stronger part with their vast civilization, they were more iconic and i believe the mayans didn’t have as cruel sacrifces, and personally, i never thought of the game of being in one time period, also, i agree with using the Hindus, but that’s a controversial
remember to take out votes on the top if voting here

  • Maya

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Yoruba is a interesting one, gunpowder in AoM???

subtract one from that, accidentally clicked, cant seem to undo

  • Iroquis

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oh, cant believe i forgot!

Hi! I just found this project mod, and it just focuses on bringing the Aztecs to this beautiful game, with a unique favor mechanic! sacrifices! it’s absolutely amazing see it we must give it support

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Persian, Babylonian, Phoenician also.


  • Persian
  • Babylonian
  • Phoenician
  • Assyrian

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remember to take out votes from the top


Can’t vote for all three! :slight_smile:

how to change???

There is an option that allows you to add multiple choices. You did it in the first poll!

had to build new poll, was asking how to manually change the code

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nobody wants thunderbirds?

  • Mesopotamian

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this includes all ancient Mesopotamian civs
(but Persians)
i think this has different logic than sense than to cover them seperatly

Hindu mythology is great.


that is the civ i want most in the game!
then aztec
Maori (or Australians, which i prefer over Maori by a bit)
then an African one like Bantu, Voodoo, or Yoruba
Celts and north american civs as well as Incas come to mind, but these are my favorite

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I would love to have the Celts in the game, but they will be a difficult one to design. Gauls, Britons, Picts, Irish and other had hugely different pantheons, heroes and myths according to what I know.