What other Asian civilizations do we need?

I think Siamese should be introduced in a SE Asian DLC together with Chams and Mons rather than in an East Asian DLC


I also suspect that it would be a campaign DLC with 1 civilization but I do not think it would be the Tai.

If it is an [east] Asian campaign DLC it could be the Jurchen or the Tibetans.
If it is a Middle East DLC it could be the Kurds.
If it is a Europe DLC it could be the Romanians.

I do not think it will be an African, Indian, SEAsian, or American themed DLC. Then again, I could be wrong.

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I would love for the Mons and Siamese to have a Buddhist temple.

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Mons will be like Cumans, a civilization that kept running because it’s homeland was constantly getting encroached by Tais. In case of Cumans it was Mongols.


Tbh not just tehe Tais, alsp the Burmese

Yes, they ask for the Mons, and to represent that territory you already have the Burmese, right?..

Ethnic groups dont care about what modern territory they are from. The Mon if anything are closer to the Khmer

Well we have the Khmer then… I also agree that they can be used to divide the Khmer into Khmer, Mons and Siamese…

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whichever ones have a good tech tree like Chinese, Vietnamese and not abysmal like Bengalis, Dravidians.