What Preparations I Need To Be Good on 1vs1 Against Players?

Do I Need to Memorize Build Orders?

Do I Need to Practice Against Hardest AI on All Civ?

Do I Need to Practice on All Maps?

Can I just wing it and see what happens? I have some basics and know some counters after beating Hardest AI over and over.

Nahh, all you need to know is that demo ships can take entire armies down, that’s the balance vision relic had for this game…

I have watched such games on Youtube. Demo is OP but can be countered.

No I cannot be countered, may be at very late game with high amount of micro, but at early stages is letal…

Ruthlessly you just need the mindset of powering into game after game and accepting you will probably lose a lot until you start rising through the ranks.
Build orders will help - but also its learning common opposing build orders, and how to scout them out.

Unfortunately the Hardest AI is a very bad comparison for a human player. I mean presumably at some point of ELO it becomes comparable - but we are talking fairly far down the food chain.


Mainly just really play :stuck_out_tongue: So yeah just wing it and see what happens.

Watching pro streams or youtube guides helps but (and im speaking from my own experiences here) can make you sort of lazy or even angsty to actually play the game yourself. But in the end nothing works as good as really just dive into it and start playing alot against actual players.

Also set goals for yourself and watch your own replays to learn and see if you’re achieving those goals. Feel good about yourself for achieving those goals and slowly getting better, even tho you might lose a lot.

The best players do not waste losses by clicking away. Study the match and find your mistakes.

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