What runtime environments does aoe2:de use?


I feel that sometimes my webbrowser (Firefox) locks the game for some reason.
I guess it is because it executes some code in a runtime environment, which is shared by aoe2:de.

The gui markup is in .json, at least here I guess there is some framework involved…

So: What runtime environments does aoe2:de use?

Firefox?! 11, is this thing still exist?!

Log in into xbox seems like some internet explorer interface. So even that exists 11

That shouldn’t happen. Even if both firefox and aoe2:de would be using the same shared library to parse json (which is so simple it doesn’t make sense to have a shared lib), firefox wouldn’t be able to affect aoe2:de. Firefox is very unlikely to interfere with aoe2:de, except for the usual resource hogging.

It more or less the only alternative.
Or do you already live in the dystopian future where a few large companies entirely control every aspect of your life? :smiley:

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