What’s a good Chinese build order for a beginner?

Hi! I’ve been using the Chinese civ because I like them historically, but I really don’t know what to do with them. I’ve been practicing managing the IO, but I always get raided before I’m really ready to respond. I don’t have a ton of RTS experience, I played a little bit of AoE2 but only casually. Here I mostly play against the AI in easy.


If u want to be first to feudal and castle

While continuous villager production-
build house
3villagers to gold
Feudal (best for the defensive structure) eta 3min? Never timed it
3-5to wood just focus on wheelbarrow upgrade amd food- with 3-4 vill on gold
Build a market to correct any balances of stone or excess wood
And castle age boom within a couple more min…
Any down time spend on wood heavy or gold heavy buildings and upgrades but food is the biggest cost to it all

While doing all that keep your scout bringing in the sheep-.
And then” villagers to wood heavy cause ur gonna need to build boom something fierce to get ready for their first wave… usually a scout will of given u an idea of what your facing… i would have half my walls up, and that first defensive structure if u placed it well in conjunction with tc you wont have amy problems with rushs… but keep an eye for rams

After that is where i fall apart still… :laughing: i need more practise late game and proper counter delivery techniques
O and i throw in a tax official once the food income is fast enough to support 150 food (3villagers) usually around the time i got gold mine wood bldg and mill

I’d suggest not managing an IO at the early game, as it’s a 150f investment that can only pay off if you use the optimized chinese build, which is as micro intensive as getting the rus hunts bounty.

This would be the build:
7 sheep
2 gold
1 wood
1 gold
2 wood
~clickup to feudal with Barbicade of the Sun on your gold + berries if possible @2:35 with 3 wood vills
1 wood > landmark for 20 w you need for mill
6 berries
~imperial academy @5 mins for Song vill bonus
2 gold
1 sheep/berries
1 IO

from here you have two options:

~stone @7 mins with 2 food vills
3 stone
continue continous villager production
~@9 mins castle clickup with 15f, 7w, 8g, 5s into Imperial Palace, get your second TC
get food and gold upgrades first then wood, wheelbarrow until castle IMO


3 wood
continue continous villager production
~@with enough resources mins get barracks and archery range
~@10 mins csatle clickup with 15f, 9w, 10g, 0s into Imperial Palace
get a blacksmith and get both armors first, then damage and go attack with castle units

This is not an optimized build, as you need an IO for that, but you can do fairly well with this build. Build a barracks earlier if you expect your enemy to raid earlier.

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Io = is the tax official?
Filler for stupid word minimum…….

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First of all Imperial Officer, mill in the berries and all the sheeps to the mill and eat the sheeps. Imperial Officer to supervise mill to get more food. 2 or 3 on gold and then wood.

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Thats sounds pretty clean too- i saw a utube build very similar to that, but i varied away from the io cause of his rediculous expense- and opted for the 3 villagers…
Io +2 food per villg
Or 3 villg = 30 food per trip
And wheelbarrow comes wicked wuick helps the 3 villgr rather then the io… imho… i dont know the actual numbers behind it all

Step 1 pick china
Step 2 lose
Step 3 pick france

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There is no good reason to play Chinese at this point in time. They are fun to play but are complicated and not worth putting time into. Just play a different civ which is easier to play and will get you better results.

For example the Rus have arguably the best lategame due to 13.5 range springalds and Streltsy are overpowered yet cheaper Hand Cannoneers. Chinese also have strong lategame, but they are worse at every other point in the game. They have no good answer against early Knights and you must play significantly better against a Rus or French opponent just to not lose the game in Age 2.

Here is just one example:


As the rest of the guys stated, playing with Chinese is hard and eco-micro consuming. The good thing is that if you know that nobody will rush you, you will have something to do during the first minutes… But if you play in an open map against someone that may hit you hard, you will have a hard time. That said, it’s an interesting challenge, and this is my noob build order, feel free to try it.

Imperial officer enables you to have a great eco boost in Dark Age, making it easier to reach feudal (or to have a more solid eco when you reach there)

  • Starting villagers build mill in berries: 4 in sheep & 2 in berries.
    IMPORTANT: Sheep must be in Mill, to generate Tax. TC don’t generate tax.
  • Build house with vill #7, then lumbercamp
  • vills #8 & #9 go to wood.
  • Create Imperial officer, collect taxes from mill & lumber camp
  • From vills #10 to #12 will go to berries, to increase tax production and get food.
  • Vill #13 builds mining camp. If you play for defense, go for stone (only pocket) otherwise, go for gold
  • Vills #14 to #17 go to mining camp.
  • Vill #18 builds house, then lumber or mining camp (depending on map/strategy)

IMPORTANT: Imperial officer should be micro from time to time: send him to collect taxes to your buildings, and when you see him idle just ask him to Supervise your mill (at first) or your mining camp(later) after three villagers were created, make him collect taxes again and repeat.

A building that is being supervised increases dropped resources by 20%, so if a villager drops 10 food after killing a sheep, 12 food will be deposited in your bank. If a berry gatherer drops 20, 24 will be added instead, and the same applies for gold.

If you have a building that have more than 5 Villagers dropping resources there, an Imperial officer is worth more than a Villager in that drop off point.

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