What should be improved (impressions after seen the new HRE video)

I seen the last civilization video preview on HRE and i think developers improved some textures but there are more things they should add to make units more realistic.

What i Like (units which have been improved):



Units seem to have faces and hands (finally), armour is pretty detailed. This model is quite good and it needs only a few more detail.

  1. Croosbowmen

This model is pretty good too: only some more detsailson the crossbow colour (something like iron) and on armour. But yes, it’s good as well.

  1. German Knights
    It seems developers added some more details. Hovewer this models need more details on armours. Sometimes these knights seem have pants and not armour. So, some more details (colours, firstly) would make them better.

What i don’t like. (Developers didn’t understand yet).

  1. English light Cavalry,
    These units should wear a chainmail armour but what i seen are “normal clothes”. So this model needs more details

2)HRE archers

The same thing: Are they wearing chainmail Armour for the body and plate armours for the legs or not? I see clotes and pants. So, detatils are much important and developers have to improve them;

  1. Plastic weapons

I think this is one the most critic point to me. Really hope to see different colours (iron) for all weapons.

I don’t wanna talk about other elements because there are other threads about these arguments.