What should be remove in the game?

If you have to choose one thing to remove to the game what it will be?(it could be everything, from the civ, unit, building to game mode)

I think I want to remove Cumans from the game because they are pointless and a bit to far of the other civ.

Exploding Camels

I would remove Quick play.
Or the new UI.


The Anniversary update. Cant play team games anymore due to end-game lag.


What should be removed? Copyright. Make it open source and let the community sort the endless bugs and issues.


the UTs: atheism, madrash, silk road, orthodoxy. then those civs will have to be given something else to compensate them… :joy: :joy:

otherwise if it literally has to be one thing… war elephants, because they’re so hard to balance

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I agree, but about Orthodoxy and madrasah, it can be useful most likely you just didn’t play enough monks, Slavic monks with Orthodoxy against FU archers are inferior to the Aztecs by only 1 shot and 1 scout hit more compared to a normal monk. but I would add to this the ability to heal siege weapons :slight_smile:

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1.-Imperial camel
2.-Same bonuses/techs to different civs, like the relic stuff for lithuanians which is just a rip off from malians, extra armor for light cavs
3.-Added frame delay in mamelukes.

what do you plan to compensate lithuanians with then? or are they just supposed to be a civ with two bonuses and only two bonuses? also. nice huge nerf to a civ that doesn’t need a huge nerf.


I would remove some users of the forum


The endless balance circle jerk of this forum…


Lag, bugs and crashes.


First of all I’d remove Huns, because they’re ancient. Replace them with a Turkic steppe civilization. The second: Indians. I love the Indian culture and history, but it’s nonsensical to represent them like this. Replace them with a reworked Indian Sultanate. The third: Arambai. It wouldn’t be necessary to remove them, but they need a huge rework, stupidly broken unit. The 4th: Khmer Elephant bonus. Do I need to explain this?


Making it open source doesn’t imply no copyright or that the game becomes free. It only makes the source available for review and improvement to the general public.

“* **** ****** *** ******* **** ******”
I mean,
“I will remove the f–king chat censor”


there should be an EW and BR mode for ranked, remove entire quickplay, and let people queue for different gamemodes at the same time

in other words, MUCH FASTER matchmaking

Already the BR has a huge queue time though

And ranked is kinda unfair for a mode like that

the only difference would be that it shows your elo instead of hiding it. i get what you say but i dont think it would be as serious like in rm 1v1 people wouldnt push to get a higher elo only play

anyway, im also fine if its unranked but let people queue to more gamemodes if you like more options so waiting becomes less (and this task is hard to execute if BR isnt ranked I guess)

They also can merge both Quickplay and MM and people who want ranked can get it with a checkmark

Ranked :white_check_mark:

Something like this

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I even made my own thread about the uselessless of Quick play.

Not because the player base is competative, but because you get matched against equally skilled player. That is the main benefit of Ranked over Quick Play.

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