What should Developers focus the most on in the upcoming patches?

What should Developers focus the most on in the upcoming patches? ( 2 choice poll)

  • Balance changes (factions , units etc.)
  • Expanding the soundtrack (old music stays but new ones are needed because the game is getting bigger)
  • Standard untis re-skin (in different cultures units should look different), in general factions should be more different
  • (Improving game mechanics, adding new ones, improving various menus)
  • Other (Write in the comment what)

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How about bug fixes? Making the game playable?
This one should be included in the poll.


I dont want any of these.
balance changes are hardly needed, the game is in a good state. there is only minor tweaking required in a fwe places
no unit reskins please. or only optional
dont know what you mean by ‘improving game mechanics/adding new ones’. I certainly dont want more charged attacks or dodging projectiles stuff. if you mean fixes for lobbies etc, then I’m on board. some menus could be improved


Pathing, pathing, pathing!

And fix the damn building hitbox.


Yeah, weird to have a poll like this without including the most obvious need by a mile. Fix bugs. Editor bugs, MP bugs, pathing, etc. I like the idea of new stuff, but until they make the existing game more functional, I really couldn’t care less for anything new. Game needs a deep clean far more than new event mods, game modes, even DLCs.


How about the social ?? I want to add friends after playing games with them but its hard to do it

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More variety in map pool for voting, explicitly not repeating maps at least for the next 3 or 4 rotations.
Changes to heavily underused, nearly useless units like siege towers, flaming camels, elephant units, hussite wagons.
Ability to ban at least 5 civs while choosing random such that player doesn’t get any of those civs. Pathing/freezing of melee units, instant conversions when monks charge up on buildings, all bugs currently in game like transport ships.

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Not Battle Pass, for sure


I didn’t create an option in the “Bug fix” vote because it seems too obvious. It’s just that Developers should remove all bugs indisputably. I didn’t mention the new content because there are a lot of topics about it on the forum. And here we are talking about patches, not Dlc/FLC


Pathing and, building hitbox please! Its ridicolous that has not been improved last 3 hotfix


Pathing + 20 characters


Pathing and bug fixes only, nothing else. Everything else NEEDS to wait until these very basic things are sorted and working. So yes you do need to include it as a poll option because after 4 years of DE they’re STILL NOT FIXED!!! If it was that obvious, they would have been fixed by now.

  • Villagers getting stuck
  • Units not attacking
  • Units not chasing
  • Commands getting cancelled
  • Melee units taking ages to engage
  • Ranged units taking forever to shoot and sometimes randomly cancelling their shoot animation for no reason
  • Villagers walling on the outside, walling themselves out of their own base
  • TC rally point halfway across the map
  • Boar luring villagers choosing the most ridiculous path back to the TC
  • Plus many more…

These are what Devs need to focus most on. But I guess they’re too busy developing campaigns and DLC because that’s where the money’s at. But it’s false economy because the money is in a place where the game works and players keep coming back because the gameplay experience is smooth and exciting. But eventually they ain’t gonna keep playing if the basics are still so broken.


Transport ships will be fixed in the latest update according to the notes

The zigzags! The boar walking back because your villager went between a tree and a house and it can’t find it. The transports, the cavalry, ram garrisons.

The hitboxes on buildings so you can’t even resolve the pathing with precise clicking because you can’t move between buildings without selecting them half the time.

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Why not create a DMG for Mac os.

You might think so, but there’s evidence that the devs don’t. It’s clear from recent major releases (e.g. Xbox, RoR) that the pre-release bug testing process isn’t sufficient. Some bugs have gone unaddressed for months or even years, especially those that affect the scenario editor and modding.

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Scenario editor on xbox

P-A-T-H-I-N-G and then archer line can be slightly compensated afterwards.


They should focus on make the more readable by making unit have different design when they are different. Even top player forget to do things because it’s not obvious:

  • Lumbercamp or lumberjack need to have different skin for each upgrade (we can see the viper doing double axe in castle age or in imp because he thanks he had the upgrade)

  • Farm or farmer need to have different skin for each upgrade

  • Miner too

  • Loom (a different design for vil without loom because the actual look of vil is iconic)

  • Stone wall, different design between feodal and castle age because the impact is the same as fortified wall…

  • Feodal watch tower and castle age watch tower

  • Dark age scout and feodal scout

  • Castle with hoarding

  • Elit units need to have a different design than regular UU (a lot of work but with all the skin release each update it’s not much)

  • Trade cart and trade cog, the upgrade have a big impact and new players can take years to discover that trade cog can be upgraded

  • Building fondation not seen by the opponent and walkable need to have a different design than when they can be destroy and are not walkable (farm should behave like building fondation)

The game look like a beta with a lot of missing visual and I play this game since 1999…


Compared to your other skin changes this would be less work.