What time does the patch drop?

What time do they usually release the patch on steam and Windows store?

I dont know ^^ im waiting too

Can you guys post on here when it’s released? Also, do you know where to find the update on the Xbox games pass?

Game Pass checks for updates and downloads automatically.

AoE 4 players today be like!


I think late night 23:59 PT time xD

patch is out on gamepass and u can download it (8,1gb)

Idk about steam


patch dropped on steam!!

It’s out on steam and gamepass as of 1minute ago, you have to restart steam

its 100 MB on steam lol

Just booted up with the new patch installed, went to browse custom games, clicked on one, promptly crashed.


We got desynced via the hack in our first game on the new patch :).
Edit: lost 2nd game because emergency repair on landmark was bugged and could not be used -_-;


I think patch did its job. Introduce more bugs!

It was there pre patch as well. I don’t think it has changed. Regnitz and Elzbach are notorious for this bug.