What to do for person who paused and hasn't come back in almost 30 minutes?

Forum moderators, pros, devs, your answer please. They are literally paused now. I haven’t done anything.

I was winning this game, then the opponent paused. Hasn’t come back since.

just unpause the game yourself and finish it tbh, the guy was trolling at that point. Honestly, they should have implemented a countdown on pause (Around 10-15 minutes max)


what a funny question
you can unpause anytime, it is not against the rules,

Yeah just unpause the game yourself after 5-10 minutes if he’s not replying to messages.


Without a reason why they paused, feel free to unpause after a minute or two.

You’re telling me people can click 500 times a minute but can’t type a little sentence to their fellow humans? bah, bad manners.

@NastyHigh I wouldn’t even wait that long :rofl:


Why didnt you unpause the game already?! If someone ask for a sec, then i agree. Otherwise i just unpause pretty quickly already. I am not gona waste my time if someone pause for 30 minutes. In that time you can play another game.

What sometimes even happens: People pause, go away / disconnect, but it will happen for you after the unpause. Not sure if this is really true. But if true, it can be that your opponent is already gone for a long time and you are still waiting for him.

To be fair: I hope you arent still waiting, since you started this topic 10h ago.

No :), I unpaused the game then a message came up saying the person disconnected. I just wanted to know the proper etiquette.

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The person crashed during the pause in this case, I think. People don’t drop while paused, only once game gets unpaused the dropped players will actually drop.

The proper etiquette usually is giving a minute to the other person or at least asking what’s up if someone pauses without saying anything. If someone asks for a sec that can mean up to a few minutes realistically. At the same time, if you’re in a hurry for whatever reason, you can just write that out.

But also, there’s no real ‘proper etiquette’, moreso just unwritten rules that not everybody agrees on anyway. There’s nothing official statements about the etiquette.


Personally would ask what’s going on 5 minutes after pause (max) if I don’t get satisfying response unpause. I feel that’s very fair.