What unit is this? Can someone help

I know it is the unit you can make once you investigate the gundpower technology. But I mean what unit was it in real life? was that gun only a cilinder for real? How did they use that gun by then? I feel like they did copy/paste to the same unit from AoE 2? because they dont even reload the gun to get fired. And I have no idea how they shoot tbh. And last but not least, all the 8 civs from AoE 4 had those units in rl? because all the civs got them but I doubt delhi or mongols got them in real life…

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Woah wild, all the info you could ever need in one link:

In short, its almost like all of these major empires interacted, and it is not unreasonable (and there’s even direct evidence for many) that they all used hand cannon firearms at some stage. Although it originated in China.
Yes this includes places like Mongols, the Middle East, and even Egypt. This mainly occured from 1300 onwards, which really does fit well with the intended time of the imperial age.

Furthermore, its good game balance to have this staple unit available to all civilisations to give them a late game power ranged infantry troop.


“No RTS is not about watching little men reload their guns. Gameplay is king. If you want that you should go to play total war”
…darn, total war has removed reloading animation as well.


Modern gun designers are starting to go backwards to make their guns look more distinct from the AR-15 and AR-18 they copied. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw guns in the future were intentionally designed to be unergonomic like that because some nation wanted their soldiers look unique. We already had the bullpup.

Thank you so much! wow it looks really nice, wish devs add an animation with the external ignition to make it look better.

As long as it is historically accurate I guess.

There are animations for them firing and reloading etc as far as I can remember? They tend to fire quick, and reload after, making them quite micro-able.
Can’t be bothered looking for a video example right now, but im sure something exists somewhere on youtube from the stress test.


Staaahp…googling is hard :unamused:

This is one of the earliest “shoot-something-using-blackpowder” examples. In this case a pot propelling an arrow.

But yeah, it’s more or less a cylinder, which (preferably) does not explode in your face when the powder charge goes boom. First step to make that cylinder portable AND more or less save to fire is to…
*drum roll * …
:raised_hands:PUT IT ON A STICK!:raised_hands:
You still need a ton of time to reload that thing and something to reach the touch hole to set off the powder (for example yet another stick, this time holding a burning/glowing bit). Sticks are awesome.
Both steps are left out in AOE2 and AOE4 because of the high fire rates ingame (similar to the many simplified muskets and cannons in AOE3).

Its funny when people think historical empires just lived in their own bubble or something.
People have been trading and sharing ideas since the beginning of mankind’s story.

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really? I dont remember, if they did then its great! its really fantastic to see musketers in AoE 3 reloading their guns before a shoot :heart_eyes: hope its noticiable in the final release

And we still don’t donate the $2 they ask for every year. FeelsBadMan. :frowning:


It’s an unwritte rule. Like not to EVER buy WinRar…

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