What units are counter skirmisher type?


i extracted it from AOE III DE Companion App

I swear im not being smart ass
Its a skirmisher
That counters
Yes, like parking lights being the most missed question on usa drivers lisence tests due to being so obvious it seems too easy, this is infact as the name suggests
A counter to skirmishers
(Tag is light infantry fwiw edit i guess not even i dont know what these are but they look exactly and are effected by the same upgrades as light infantry lol )

IIRC most of these units were introduced in KOTM.

E.G. Royal Huntsman | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom


Counter skirmishers aren’t light infantry, just infantry. These are the units:

Royal Huntsman and Royal Hunter
Mounted Rifleman
Counter Jaeger


Pandour being the best of them.

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Note that counter infantry rifle gives them bonus vs skirmishers instead of vs Heavy infantry

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I believe Abus Gunners are also counter-skirmishers but due to balance reasons, they are considered as LI.

Why should that be the case, that makes no sense at all, they don’t have any bonus damage vs. Skirmishers.

@Skadidesu Probably bc inflicts siege damage.

not the chiavone, it doesnt

Counter skirmisher is such a weird concept…
It does not need a tag. I don’t see that tag affecting how they play or how other units play.

Just make them skirmishers with the normal skirmisher tags but a bonus against skirmishers.

Edit: oh I see counter infantry rifling affects them differently.
That’s fine. But maybe it should be kept a bonus-related tag (like musket infantry) not one in the counter system. Make a clear separation between skirmishers and counter skirmishers.

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it needs, idk why, but it needs. its a hidden bonus, its confusing of course

Now I see why that tag exists:
Counter skirmisher needs to be a different tag than light infantry otherwise they’ll receive double effect from CIR.

Schiavone seems to not have either. Looks like an oversight.

BTW it is actually easier to understand if that tag is not shown in the counters. It is countered exactly the same as light infantry and actually only affects techs.

A simpler way to do it:

  • Counter skirmisher is not a counter tag.
  • Add light infantry tag to all counter skirmishers.
  • CIR gives LI +1x against HI, then gives counter skirmishers -1x against HI and +1x against LI.

Like how soldado receives a “penalty” for the musketeer/grenadier hp card.

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It needs a tag for technical purposes even if it’s not used for bonus damage because it’s used for technologies like Rifling which gives all Counter Skirmishers more bonus damage agains Skirmishers.

It’s like the Archer tag. Nothing has bonus damage against it.

actually counterskirm is the only unit to deal bonus damage to counterskirm, i guess to simulate the effect that they would have against skirms since they are still considered skirms by game description


The issue is when you add more units like that, at the end you have an endless list of effects on the info and in data

Actually it was like that pre-DE…many “team” cards needed to list all units of the type. DE tag system was reorganized to be more expandable.

Counter skirmisher is already a tag with multiple units. So it’s not a problem.