What update would you prefer?

a) deck rearrange option and rename option
b) new civ

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
  • deck rearrange and rename
  • new civ

[/poll][poll name=poll2 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=2 chartType=bar]

  • rerrange deck and rename deck
  • new civ
    [/poll][poll name=poll3 type=multiple results=always min=1 max=1 chartType=pie close=2022-04-17T06:00:00.000Z]
  • rearrange and rename deck
  • new civ
[/ [poll ]

This isn’t a either/or situation. What a weird poll. Different teams work on different things.



i would prefer deck rearrange option =D, thansk for voting

I think brits need a buff after getting the last hatchet job done on them. Am I doing it right?

teams? all devs are on the same team

The people who make civs dont necessity make QoL changes. So there are different teams of devs working on different parts of the game.