WHAT we can BET for the following PATCH

Hi , as some of you that are currently online on these forums you would know me . This time I’m making this thread so we can discuss what we can expect from this month patch and the next ones to come .

Id start .

January Patch

In this patch I do expect this , I do want to say . I’m not an MP person , but I do agree that some of the game core is messed up .

Let’s start with the most POLEMIC problem currently affecting sooo hard the game , The Delhi sultanate.

It’s one of the biggest problems , and if you are not familiar with it , it’s one of the best civilizations in terms of fun , but devs messed up bringing Delhi some balance changes that ended up of breaking the civ instead of fixing it , some of the landmarks are useless , the only way to play Delhi competitive was taken down, and the civ have +30 bugs .

I do expect some changes for the Delhi civilization , and it’s confirmed that they would fix some of Delhi , but we don’t know HOW much.

For Delhi I do expect :

-Bug fixes for the general civ
-Fixed landmarks
-Fixed times of research

That’s it .


If mongols and rus are not nerfed , everything we wished for will have no sense , seriously , mongols have a landmark that produces infinite stone , MEANWHILE OTHER CIVS ARE CRYING and buying 10 of stone with a price of 250 of gold . Lmao , what is funny is that even if the ovoo doesn’t generate stone it gives the area of influence so they can spam military with the stone bonus.

It’s pretty much broken on imp if you don’t know how to defend them , and I know that I have to git gud lmao , but we all agree that MONGOLS and RUS are dominating the ladder , so if they make horse archers a bit slower and make their training more expensive it would be great. I also would like that RUS needs to expend more gold on the Profesional scouts tech.

For mongols I would say that the ovoo should produce stone slower and that the bonus stone training needs more time to produce two units at a time.


They can be easily defended if the enemy doesn’t bring siege , and if you have walls … and some mangonels… and some archers…

But ye , they need a clear nerf , they are broken as hell , I don’t know how it could be fixed , but my friend Age of Noob haves a good video on his channel so feel free to watch it


After some content creators did some tests they find that demolition ships have X2 the range it should + it explodes 2 times instead of one , that is the true reason on why they are broken and why they do so much damage , I don’t know what it’s causing this to happen , I think it can be that they messed up somewhere on the code?.. , I think I do have a theory , there is a tech for the demolition ships that does x2 of the damage , I think they messed up and now demolitions ships are being created with that technology researched , even if you didn’t research it , if you research it , it doubles like the infinite range spearman bug for example.

It’s only a theory ofc, but I don’t know what it could be , maybe a memory leak and the game doesn’t remember that the ship already exploded. I don’t know…

Here it is the Age of noob video , so you can see the stats of the Demo ship and understand what I am talking about :


Siege has been a problem since launch , being the first cheese meta with springalds , it progressed with mangonels , and now we have problems with bombards and Chinese clock tower siege.

It’s a big problem and I don’t know how to solve it , maybe if we do reduce the damage of the bombard and the reload time + make the price more expensive , we would get a good result .

Another thing we can do it’s , BUFF THE WALLS , they are CLAY walls in this moment , two bombards can take one wall in one second lmao , walls should have more hop and it should take more stone imo . Damn even wooden walls of aoe3 resist more than aoe4 stone walls .

And they are bigger.


So , these are what I do expect from this patch , I would update the thread when we have a bit of info of what is fixed for this month patch , What do you expect from this patch? :smiley:



remember the last update they did and widely proclaimed delhi would be buffed and we all expected a delhi buff but instead all we got were new bugs and nerfs, what makes you think it will be different this time.

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When they said that ? Lmao

We can speculate all we want but by large consus some things should be in there. Mongol Tower Rush, Fire lancers, Demo Ships bug, Invisible Rus Wall bug, Dehli and HRE spear bug, desync errors (hacks?), animation cancelling. But these are the bare minimum. If one of these is not included then I feel the community will be very upset. And rightfully so.

But there is much more that needs addressing: pathing of fishing ships, observer mode, prelate bug, the other prelate bug, stone wall pushes, demo ship detonation visual, mangonel area of impact visual, horse archers, clockwork siege, perhaps siege in general, severely skewed resources spawning due to rng, people cancelling games in lobbies, water map game play, swabia crash, emergency repair bug on landmarks, every other word getting #####.

To be honest: most issues would be resolved by bug fixing. The main ones that are not is mongol tower rush and fire lancers. And I feel like that is how it should be: focus on fixing the bugs and include the most notable non bug related imbalances. The meta evolves and balance changes are relatively easy. Fix the platform and approach other imbalances top down at that given time. Meta changes, bugs don’t.


Yep totally agree here

I’d really prefer them to just be less beefy, horse archers should be quick and weak.

Maybe also not have 100% heat seeking arrows

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I think this is where the focus should be, beefier walls/wall towers, wall towers with cannon upgrades with range equal/further than bombards (further would make sense, elevation bonus, physics, wow!)

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  • 100000000000000000000

100% agree, we wouldn’t have this mess if they had just made a finished game upon launch.

The slew of bugs and exploits are endless and the more we play the more we find.

Also I know for a fact this game has no anti hack or anti cheat, and that there have been hacks created.

At the very least I have seen a cheat engine injector that increases the zoom to (imo) what the zoom should’ve been in the first place.

Edit: while inherently a thing that increases zoom isn’t bad, my point is that it seems very easy to insert outside hacks into the game, multiplayer at that.

The last patch they did included fixes for Delhi that included:

Moving sanctity from age 1 to 2, greatly decreasing the bonus Delhi got from capturing sacred sites early

Buffing spearmen but failing to buff elephant accordingly, so now elephants get wrecked and are useless

From what I can tell, no one (or very few) were even concerned about Delhi being op or unbalanced in the first place.

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Note that the ranked preview will launch this Thursday (the 20th), it could be wishful thinking but it doesn’t seem like an unreasonable assumption that the patch should be live before that. So I’m low-key expecting the patch to drop tomorrow (in the evening for us Europeans), or at the very least the day after that (simultaneously with ranked preview). It would be really nice if we could get some patch notes today even, but I am less sure about that.

What it would contain is something I’m less sure about. It seems like they’ll finally be fixing the worst Delhi bugs, and there will be a firelancer nerf. I would be surprised if they don’t touch siege as well, or at least the clocktower bombards which are way overpowered as well. I’m also expecting a fix to the HRE/Dheli bracing bug.

On my wish-list I’ve got a fix that stops animation canceling, a fix for the ridiculous demo blast radius late-game, and some overall balance chances that will get rid of the worst cheese mechanics (Mongol tower rush). But it’s kinda hard to predict for me at this point, I wouldn’t get me hopes up too much but I do expect something substantial.

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My only hope is that it fixes more than it breaks


Yo nice post.

Meanwhile… I am a Delhi fan, and I’m “bracing” for disappointing news.

Call me pessimistic, but I think we’ll all look at the patch and be like…

“WhAaaaaAt? That’s ITTTT?”


No. We made back in the day 20+ topics , I made this https://forums.ageofempires.com/t/french-are-op-but-you-nerf-delhi/

I made this , I was one of the first of complaining about Delhi but there were other threads as well and not to mention all the threads in the bug sections , it was horrible.

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Hahahaa , I wouldn’t get exited , but finally some fixes for the game , so I’m happy :slight_smile:

They said that they would do a live stream commenting the stuff that are going get in the patch before they would release the patch , I do expect the live stream this Friday or Thursday and the patch next week .

Also , it’s the closed beta ranked , it’s covered by NDA? If so they won’t have problem in releasing the ranked preview first . I been on the closed beta of this game and you are not allowed to say nothing for the public .

But ye

I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this but , I think I remember on the closed beta that towers could be upgraded . I think you started with arrows and then you could improve them to shoot with emplacements. It was way more complex and it costed more , keep in mind that there were more resources on the map .

(I think , I don’t remember , in any case I think I’m allowed , if not mods just delete my comment)

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Yeah, I was on the closed beta as well. No idea if there’s an NDA for the ranked preview but my guess would be that there won’t be one.

I know there will be a live stream, but I am sure about the timing and if it will be before or after the patch releases. Here’s what they said:

"You can tune in for a stream next week where the development team will talk in more depth on the purpose behind each change! Make sure to keep an eye on our official Age social channels for timing. "

Which doesn’t really exclude the possibility that the stream would be after the patch drops, nor does it tell me when the stream would be this week. My guess that they would drop the patch before the ranked preview is that it makes sense to not have a balance change in the middle of the preview, as that would mess a bit with competetive play. Delaying the patch until after the ranked preview would mean the patch would drop on the 31st (assuming it won’t drop in the weekend) which would be very late. Ergo, it makes most sense to have it shortly before the ranked preview. But again it’s just a guess, for all I know they do plan to have the patch in the middle of the ranked preview.

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I heard (I don’t know because I have yet to play the campaign) that you can still upgrade the wall towers to cannons in the campaign

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Delhi is soooo badly designed that I had a hard time against A.I EASY hahahaha I played to try it for the first time and it was soooo difficult to handle and very confusing mechanics, then I found elephants and boom victory. the rest is trashy. I dont understand how real players use it in real matches, such complicated mechanics

nice troll bro.

dehli don’t need a buff htye just need a bug fix for check what they can really do.