What will happen with AOE1 after we get the DLC?

Do we have to uninstall it, will it get automatically removed or it will be overwritten with the DLC install?

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AOE1 is virtually dead in online gameplay.

I think as long as Microsoft exists its servers will continue to run, which should be for a very long time. Hopefully it still be played single player if it becomes abandon ware.

AOE1 lacks a player base. I think it should still be left as a legacy if some people want to play it though.

With AOE1 and AOE2 combined it should help breed new life to the game.


Lots of confusing stuff on this DLC. I really think they should’ve updated the community on their plans and implementations. I kinda smell trouble with this DLC.

As a former hardcore AOE 1 player from AOE heaven I feel like a lot of the new stuff in AOE 1 won’t be liked by the community. They will try to bring AOE 2 players into AOE1, whch is a mistake as the mechanics of the two games are quite different.

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Nobody is forcing you to play it. AOE1 is virtually dead. This will help breed new life to the game.

I want to play AOE 1, that is the point. It’s the first game I played and I played it for 12 years.
I want it to be properly remade tho. The AOE1 DE was rushed and incomplete, another incomplete release of the game will be very dissapointing.

One of the biggest reasons for that was not releasing it on steam in the first place. It lost that window of opportunity.

You can play AoE1. Original or DE. Both work without any issues.

Nobody is taking AoE1 away, you can play it for the rest of your life- these are not online games that can be shut down.

Then ask developers, or Microsoft, to pay for a remake of AoE1.
This is not a remake, it’s just an update of the gameplay to bring it closer to better-modern formula from AoE2(DE).
It is tied to 2DE because it has to be due to the nature of the changes and business models.

It’s not a re-release of AoE1. It’s a content package (mainly civs, three new campaigns, bonus Romans).

I don’t think they could make one now even if they wanted to. Market is not as big for RTS games as it was, and IV was struggling for some time, was released in very barebone state and unpolished. And even now didn’t overtake the market. It’s a risky investment and this DLC was most likely all they could get atm.

If you want a spiritual ‘remake’ of AoE1 try the open-source fan game 0A.D.

With all due respect, I don’t think Microsoft are experiencing financial problems releasing this. :smiley:
AOE 1 was a groundbreaking game at the time, they could make it proper for the sake of community and for the sake of history.

They kinda did it, but I feel it wil lbe incomplete. I might be wrong but I doubt it, if i was happy with it I would be saying I like it like I did with AOE 2. I’m not hating just for the sake of hating, I want the remaster to be good and to do well.

I mean it just makes sense to do something right, especially on the second time, doesn’t it? The game needs more antque civs (Akkad, Elam, Amorites, Hurrians etc) , Unique units, more options in the scenario editor. They could’;ve shared their plans with the community but they didn’t.

Technically, Aoe 1 is still popular in Vietnam but they refuse to transfer to DE and prefer the original version.

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They must love those solid farms.

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They were just being cheap.

Most probably it will happen the very same way as AoE2 HD when DE came out: Nothing will happen. You will still have access to the old version on Steam or the new one if you buy it.

@CinnamonIce6056 How would you update AoEDE though? You have to admit AOE2DE is technically superior in every way, simply migrating it to AoE2DE is far easier than adding code and testing for months and months. It’s easier to maintain this way and add new DLCs for Return of Rome (which will be coming by the way) and also brings both communities closer. Yes AoEDE should have a lot of features from the start, but they are finally fixing this now with this move. Sure, not everyone may like it, but in that case you can simply play AoEDE or AoE2DE without Return of Rome. As for the addition of Lac Viet, I doubt it will draw in the majority of Vietnamese players, though it’s still a good move.

I am not against the merge, it is a good move. My issue is with how many changes will they implement.

I had few suggestions on the AOE 1 forum: remove the Academy and the Hopplite line and move them to the Barracks. Academy is a building where you can build only 1 unit and if you replace it with a Castle type building with defense and unique units / upgrades / extra technologies. I doubt they implemented that.

Also more attention to civilizations should have been paid. Vietnam is ok, but not by itself. Game needs couple of civs that were Roman adversaries (Celts/Numidians/Gauls/Britons/Dacians) and couple of more Mesopotamian (Akkad/Amorites/Hurrians) and maybe couple nomadic (Xiongnu/Scythian). I know they could implement max 3-4 new civs, maybe there will be more DLC but they could have added the Roman adversary civs that are missing.

Fix the heavy infantry as well, all civilizations could create greek Hoplites and Roman Legions/Centurions which was extremely unrealistic. Maybe create a different type of heavy infantry and buff Greek/Macedonian/Roman heavy infantry. Unique units and techs are also a must.

There are more suggestions that I have posted in the past, some I have forgot but when I see the game I can say for sure what’s been implemented and what hasn’t. Formations, Gates, Land trade are good, but not enough to fix the game. I have played it for more then 10 years and I know very well what it;s missing. When I see the full game and play it I can tell for sure what’s missing.

The problem is I feel a lot of the neccessary things won’t be implemented, maybe half of them. Hopefully future patches and DLCs can fix these issues like they did in AOE2.


80% of threads are completely pointless because people miss the nature of the content developers are making and their intentions.

What changes, what redesigns? They’re not remaking AoE1, they are enhancing what’s already there and adapting it to 2DE’s mechanics.
There are thousands of posts with suggestions concerning AoE1(DE), its possible remake etc. Why are you complaining that developer team didn’t listen to you suggestions?

Of course it would be cool if they could add brand 10 new civs instead of one. You are free to pay Microsoft for the development because most people are not interested in a full price tag for a DLC.

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I completely get what they are doing.

I don’t want to get heard from the devs just out of entitlement, I have played AOE 1 for 12 years, I know very well what the game needs, what is missing and what it needs. They will fix some of the problems with the game according to their announcement. But 50-60% of the issues, not nearly all of them.

The problem is the game will lose it’s unique identity, because they are making it too similar to AOE2. Despite it’s superficial similarities, the game mechanics, game progression and the balance is very different than AOE2. Not to mention the ancient setting of the game. If you watch the original AOE1 cinematics and original campaigns, you will notice the game has antique and ancient feel in the way it represents history.

With AOE2 you have different setting and dynamics, it’s because of the technological differences between Medieval ages and Antiquity. I am afraid AOE1 will become TOO MUCH like AOE2.

And I just don’t get the Microsoft argument, I doubt they are that broke that they can’t add a couple more civs, I mean ordinary people on AOE heaven made so much features for the game for free, Microsoft should be able to design and code the new civs in 2-3 weeks max. They have 2 trillion net worth for god’s sake :smiley: :smiley:

I’m not bashing the devs, I’m totally happy with how they remastered AOE2, I always speak of it positively, it is immaculate work.
AOE 1 however is very problematic. The overall idea of the expansions is great, the implementation of Romans, fixing problems with AOE 1 and changing it to the AOE2 engine. But the details of the game are overlooked.

I can’t stress it enough that the games aren’t the same, you can not make AOE1 totally like AOE 2 and expect it to be as good. There has to be some creativity, not just copy the good features and paste them into the new AOE1.

The entire budget of Microsoft isn’t devoted to the AoE saga, and all the money and time they would invest in adding civs would be added on top of the rest of the development. It would mean a later release date, but also a more expansive dlc, with many people already complaining about having to buy the same game for the third time. I think we can expect other civs in future dlc, I’m already glad to see the Lac Viet added to the game even though they wouldn’t have been my top priority.

I know Microsoft won’t spend 2 trillion on AOE1. But they aren’t really THAT constrained by the budget or the quality of programmers/developers they have, right? I mean it’s only right to expect a complete product, it will be the best for the devs and for the playerbase.

Hopefully they will listen to the AOE1 players and not the AOE2 players regarding future DLC / Patches for AOE 1. I mean AOE2 players have their game fixed, while AOE 1 has always been broken.

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@CinnamonIce6056, to be honest, I’m quite confused about what you wanted RoR to be, because you say things like this:


but then you also say

But your suggestions seem to aim to make it more like AoE2, much moreso than I expect it to be. What is it about it that you think will be “too much like AoE2”?


I know you like aoe1, but not many people do. So unfortunately you have to bare with it. Aoe1 has a very small player base and is a half dead game. Just play aoe1 in aoe2 from now.

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