What will trade be like in Return of Rome?

Personally I hope they keep the trade mechanism featured in AoE DE but with the introduction of land trade.


I like being able to set a resource input to get gold from trade.

We dont know the answer yet.

RoR will probably use the AoE2 trading mechanic. It doesn’t make that much of a difference because Food and Wood aren’t that valuable in late game.
Also the trading limit per dock was kinda pointless because docks (and markets) are cheap.


What about the buying and selling of commodities at the market? Will we be getting that?

My guess would be yes.
I mean why not?

Definitely not! That’s one of the uniqueness of the original AoE, resources are limited per map.


According to some older article trade and market system will be like in AoE2 so gold becomes unlimited with trade.

Main change I’d like to see (in addition to land trade) is a removal of the resupply time at trade destinations, or at least not giving every dock from that faction the same supply level. It invariably leads to gold acquisition getting slowed to a crawl.

Ambivalent about whether to add market commodity trading. The finite resource system does give AoE1 a very different meta, and not necessarily a worse one. If any future DLC adds more uses for stone then I guess it will be necessary, but for now it works pretty well to have a hard cap on tower spam.

If we are going to see an infinite resource system, another idea rather than commodity trading might be to have patches of trees and animal groups regenerate gradually if the whole group/patch isn’t depleted. That could also be a way to keep fishing boats useful in the late game without having to implement fish traps.

Oh, one more idea that could be interesting: the food/wood/stone that you trade gets added to the other player’s inventory (which I think doesn’t happen now?), and adding a diplomacy option in which your units don’t automatically attack enemy traders.

This would allow you a means to indefinitely accrue gold in no-ally games.

I’ll guess they’ll 100 % adapt AoE 2’s trade and market (well, except AoE 1’s market will be still able to research eco upgrades)


Good thing that all the original 16 civilisations have access to the wheel technology, I think land based trade is gonna be implemented 100%.

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Land trade is confirmed to be in the game. These are the QoL upgrades listed on Return Of Rome’s Steam page:

Experience Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Quality of Life improvements to Age of Empires gameplay:

  • Gates
  • Formations
  • Trade carts
  • UI improvements
  • Visual improvements
  • Spectator mode
  • An enhanced AI for computer opponents
  • And much more!
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Villagers go brr
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I hope so, this is a feature I would love to see. I assume it’s going to be there, if not, it can be added later on.