What would happen if we'd balance around the Steppe Lancer instead of the knight?

As far as I can tell there’s been an arms race between heavy cavalry and unit with anti-cav damage bonuses, and it’s not been entirely healthy for the game.

We now have a unit -the Steppe Lancer (SL)- which is pretty decent in most situations, it’s only getting overshadowed by the knight line.

What would happen if we were to balance everything (halbs, camels, elephants, archers, knights…) around the SL as the baseline cavalry unit, with knights being considered as “arrow resistant, pop-efficient versions of SL”?

Which changes would you make if you were to try to balance the game this way?

theoreticlyi think is the SL just an situational Knight with a bit lower stats and the +1 meeh i dunno the usage of it might seem ok but not in the current meta

my idea and thats just an idea so pls no hate is that sl has a seperate armor class so halb benefit from bonus damage against it but not as the usual vs cav lets say raider armor or something

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