What would it take to nerf Sweden

We know that Sweden is too OP. Torp and Caro are a big issue, even if you manage to get to their base, they just FF and mass a lot of units quickly. Their black riders have 75 attack points and are impossible to get close to. What can we do to nerf them, it isn’t even fun to play since everyone uses Swede for a quick victory.


mmm maybe make the Carolean a bit more expensive

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Remove FF.
Increase price for torps and reduce a bit hitpoints. Now, they are cheap what they do - can gather resources without big danger and also gives population. Its too easy to spam these torps around map.


Many different things have been suggested, such as:

  • Remove Swedne fast Age up. British would be OP if they had a fast age option. Booming+ fast Age is OP.
  • Nerf Caroleans. Nerf their range bonuses. Nerf their HP their cost. Most of all, nerf Svea Lifeguard. That Age IV card is way too strong. Sweden ends up with a giant economy and this card makes their units too efficient.
  • Nerf torps, or rather nerf Blueberries + Engelsberg + possible 30% bonus HP.
  • Remove the free Advanced arsenal upgrade. Sweden starts the game with having all the advanced arsenal upgrade options for some reason. Why? Why must this civ which is great at booming, lategame, efficiency just get a free card + shipment ontop?

Sweden has it all. Insane booming potential, they get ressources gathered from around the map and blueberries, which means their own Hunts last much longer. This means they are less reliant on mapcontrol and can boom and turtle even harder. Sweden gets 19 x 500 + food from Torps alone, plus the starting torp. Thats close to 10000 food which Sweden gets over other civs. They have the fast Age-up, so they can hit lategame much quicker than the usual booming civs like Japan or Brits. Their lategame has insane efficiency, similar to civs like Russia.

And ontop of that, they only need to build 1 infantry unit which is somehow Dragoon, Musketeer and does well against Skirmishers in close combat. All you need is cannons + culvs + spam Caros to be top 50 ranked ladder. Other civs would combine 1-2 types of infantry, ranged + melee cav, cannons and culverins while also having to spend ressources to upgrade these individual units.

Sweden is somewhat vulnerable in the 2nd age, but they are not more vulnerable than other civs. They even get a 2 Leather cannon shipment and can make great use of walls because of it.

Look at China for example. China struggles insanely hard vs rushes unless your build oder is perfect and your herding aswell. China doesn’t get a 21 range anti-infantry shipment either. They don’t even have a 2 flamethrower shipment (which are also overpriced in terms of ressources + pop cost).


Remove Falconet!
Then compensate Sweden can train crossbowmen and dragoons
I mean a country should have strengths and weaknesses, right?

Sweden now has obvious shortcomings
Sweden used to be too flexible
Too strong when becoming an opponent, and lacks the ability to interact as a teammate.

Sweden now has to rely on the artillery cover of teammates, or is targeted to rely on the professional capabilities of mercenaries to deal with the corresponding troops, otherwise, it will issue cards to get Horse Artillery as soon as possible.
I tried it and it feels good I have a good, interaction with my friends

If you want to try it, you can find the mod, Show time pacth 1.01b

They don’t need a heavy nerf. Removing fast age up and small unit or torp cost adjustment would probably do the trick.


Just removing the fast age up option would do fine to be fair.


Remove fast age up and torps should cost 135 wood like British houses, or at least lower their hit points.


To be fair I think by only removing their fast age they will be fine.
It will give you more time to fight for the map control as you don’t have to deal with caroleans spam + canons +torp boom so early in the game.
If u manage to gain map control they are manageable and caroleans die quick to skirms with counter infantry rifle

  1. Sweden has two leather cannon cards in Commerce Age, worth 800 resources, usually resources are between 600 and 700, even Ottoman, who has a unique artillery like Commerce Age, cannot transport any artillery in Commerce Age

  2. The Swedish melee enhancement card affects mercenaries and Native warrior. The enhancements given according to the label generally only appear on the team card, and the general enhancement cards are designated names

  3. Torp will produce 150 berry and the collection efficiency is half of the villager’s, and the villager’s cost is 100, and the whole process only needs to consume 15 extra wood.