What would you like to see in upcoming civs?

While I agree that the devs should first fix certain landmarks not being viable, adding map vetos, color picks, bug fix, etc. Let us fantasize a bit of the far future when we get our first DLC.

This is not a question of which civs you want to see, but what new mechanics would you like to see in them.

For example I would love to see Norse with “Longboat Mechanism”, an arrow ship that can also garrison infantry for more arrows and transport, and get plunder bonus from burning docks or taking out trade ships.

Just for fun, playing around with ideas. I’ll add more thoughts if the thread catches up. Would love to hear what people like to see next

I’d like to see something like Japanese Samurai you can spend a few additional resources on, to give them different weapons or horses. It would probably be finicky and difficult to balance but hey, maybe it can work