What would you think if the Home City deck's capacity to contain cards increased from 25 to 30?

What would you think if the Home City deck’s capacity to contain cards increased from 25 to 30?

The Home City deck must have the capacity to contain at least 30 cards. In this way, there may be no need to nerf some civilizations and buff some civilizations.


On one hand it would be nice to have 30 cards because I wouldn’t have to choose between what card it better when I only have 1 or maybe 2 slots left, but having 25 cards makes it easy enough to build a deck and choose your cards but has a limited enough number that you must pick and choose what cards the best for that game mode or match. This is part of being a skilled player.


I’d take a less radical step of increasing the card slot for each age first.


An increase to 30 is good, because add a some new technologies in DE, and expect more in future


If the devs are going to continue to add new cards to existing civilisations then they should probably compensate this with a larger deck. Otherwise some old card might become completely forgotten.

This should only be introduced in treaty styled games as in 1v1 supremacy I don’t think a larger deck will make much difference.


I think there should be an option in the game settings (no restrictions for Single, limits for Multi):

Home City Card Deck size:

  • Very small - 15 cards
  • Small - 20 cards
  • Standard - 25 cards
  • Large - 30 cards
  • Very large - 35 cards

or it could be an upgrade from church or another -new?- building which requires some amount of resources or exp or both being meet to do so. One solution could be that when you age up you unlock one extra card, at the age II you can unlock only from age I something, but if you keep it till age iv you can unlock for the previous ages, meaning, with IV age up, you get 3 cards for whatever Age you like. Add up to this, could be 3 locked cards on each age up, and you can unlock one for each age up, so you have to carefull choose instead of throwing every “op” card in a match-up.

Can I propose a radical idea…

How about we have an option where we don’t need to create decks at all, but instead have access to ALL the potential home city shipments but can only select 25/30 cards per game (so you kind of create the deck as you play).

This will mean you will be able to change your strategy mid game to suit your opponent’s play-style. For instance if you’re playing a rush civ like Russia and you’re all out of troops you could ship a batch of soldiers or mercenaries you wouldn’t have normally included in your deck to help defend. This will however mean that you will loose that card space that you might have wanted to use later in the game for a HC research tech. This type of set-up will also be beneficial when playing on “Unknown” maps where you don’t know if you’ll have any water or an abundance/lack of any particular resource.


I would like this for treaty games. Sometimes you leave some cards out that could boost the economy and the army a little more.


It is though part of the game to just delay your first shipment so you can see enemy’s deck and choose a counter one.

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Yes, good idea! Extra Large - 40 cards

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Hardcore - 5 cards?
God - 50 cards?


It doesn’t matter to me…

Archaic mode: no cards and only up to the fortresses age…


this was already discussed alot in many different context

it breaks the game in so many ways that you would kinda have to rewrite most of the game.

Might be doable if its a seperate game mode entirely

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Yes, for a reason civs like States and Mexico only have 21 cards since they are stronger civs…

I think there should still be limits, though I feel that some civ shipment cards should be combined.


They make that up by getting cards from different age up options. So they still get as many cards as everyone else you just fill the remaining slots with cards from your age ups.

Sure, that’s right…

AoE 2 fans like it.

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instead of trying to change this radical stuff we should spend attention to the current mood of the game. Also i would like it if people would try explain their ideas more instead of what would you think to increase to 30 without even any own opinion why etc.

Also why a increased Home city Deck should be the reason to not nerf or buff the civs ? just lol ngl.

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