What's a strategy you think players should do more of?

Springalds. Before players made them like crazy when they were OP. Now in team games I feel like no one thinks to make them anymore - so now I’m countering that by going hard Springalds for my team. So far it’s paid off. In my team games I’ve noticed a lack of thought on this, but also have been observing team game matches and I’m seeing teams being melted by nest of bees and mangonels with zero thought constructing the springald. It’s like everyone forgot to use them once they were no longer OP on every unit. :smile:

Scouting and reacting accordingly.

All weaker players have trouble with that super strategy.


I think the problem with Springalds is that it is difficult to micro them without overkilling the enemy siege. Having 3 or 4 groups just for them is pretty annoying (at least for me) and once you win the siege battle, they are pretty useless and take up a lot of space in your shortcut slots just waiting for a new group of siege comes up. Also, you can now easily counter sieges in open combat with a large cavalry flank, which is always helpful in the enemy backline.