Whats happened to Rus

Rus is absolutely useless no matter what i do they feel like an F tier civ, Relic really did something more than just nerf pro scouts and horse archers.

I don’t know, they still beat me with horse archers and da’ streltzee.


They are now more on par with other civs and take more effort to win. From what I’ve seen, pro scouts and horse archers are still valid and are still often pulled off. I mean, if you played regularly Rus and won most of the time, you might have ended up in an elo range to high for you. But you can still switch to mongols, though :stuck_out_tongue:


The civ is doing pretty well generally speaking.
Git gud.


first raise “elo”, the russians have the best manual gunners

wow, you have such a constructive way of putting things like “git gud”, i bet you contribute to the rapidly declining player base.

yes the streltsy are such a good unit, the only decent strategy i have used with rus is mass knights with warrior monks, can generally end most civs in castle age using this tactic. but thats pretty much it, until imperial.

You can also buy or sell 150 of any resource per minute, so you don’t run out of gold quickly since you can get it by selling, I advise you to practice more before judging the game

yes through the golden gate, i already do this, true its very useful and has saved me in many games, it cannot always save me, it also is it not really what i was pointing at being the problem with rus, but sure cheers man.

On the current patch Rus overall win rate is only 0.1% better than Abbasid. High level players (>1600 elo) are doing better than that. I think the meta needs another month or so to adapt to the Rus nerfs before really assessing them. At that point we have to look at top tier play and see how competitive they are to know if they really have a strength issue or if the rest of the player base is just slower picking up on how to play them correctly.

You never asked for anything constructive lol.
This reads as a vent post.

My point still stands, the civ is doing quite well balance-wise.
So the fact you think they’re F tier leads me to believe you’re just not understanding how to play them.

Aight so,

I am bad at RUS

And I mean BAD

I thought it was the civ, I thought it was something about the game, that was 3 patches ago.

I realize, I am just really bad at RUS, maybe they’re just not the civ for your playstyle

I’m not gonna say I’m like a pro or anything on other civs but I am pretty good, exceptionally as Abbasid.

Rus I just can’t get, too much early mico, too many variables, I’m not good at securing all those deer and relics and whatnot, I wanna just build and start throwing troops.

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Get the deer, get the wolves, WALLLLLLLLL, get the relics, get the HA, kill the boar, etc., etc., then осада, like everybody else.

Don’t mind gold in dark age, don’t place your hunting cabin against 1 tree, don’t build 3 towers when you see a Khan near your town, don’t waste time NOT aging up, don’t forget to sell resources at your EPIC landmark to facilitate aging up, don’t waste your scouts on frivolity like destroying a mining camp when they should be securing your food supply, don’t take any bad engagements when you have horse archers or lancers on the field, don’t forget to abuse your power to harass your opponent throughout the mid period of the game as opportunity arises, and don’t forget to try adapting to whatever situation you are in with the knowledge you have about how your Civ works.

Comrades, let’s defend abbasidgrad :hammer_and_wrench:

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i recently adapted a few things with rus, and i have actually been having a successful time with them, i always produce a scout from TC then 2 more from hunting cabin generally this allows me to get 3 deer hunts on the map and most wolves.