Whats Next for Age of Empires IV: AoE IV Roadmap

Age of Empires IV officially released on October 28th and World’s Edge and Relic Entertainment have loved watching you play! As we shared on the eve of our launch, October 28th signified the beginning, but we’re far from done. We are so grateful to our community for keeping the spirit of Age alive these nearly 25 years and for those of you joining us for the first time with Age of Empires IV. We’ll be looking to our players and your feedback as we continue to build a better Age together.

With our first patch officially released earlier this week, it’s time to turn our attention to what we’ll be introducing in the future. Read on to get a quick glimpse at some of our plans for Winter 2021 and Spring 2022, as well as some feature requests the team is tracking based on your feedback.

Winter 2021

On Monday, November 15th, we launched Patch 7989 to introduce fixes to Xbox Account linking, an issue with Mongol Town Center behavior, performance impacts when panning the camera and some other tweaks. While this patch was smaller and more pointed, we’re happy to share that we’re putting the finishing touches on a larger patch we’ll look to share soon.

In Winter 2021, we’ll be introducing hundreds of balance changes (literally!), a variety of helpful bug fixes and a few key features we’ve seen requested by players. Our team has been hard at work preparing this update, and we’re appreciative to the community for lending your voice to the conversation.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the goodness we’re queuing up for Winter 2021:

  • Make the choice to turn on and view in-game player scores! Based on community feedback, we’ve made the decision to implement in-game scores for those who wish to have them. We know that using this feature can change the way you choose to play the game, and so we want to empower you to make the choice for yourself – starting with our Winter 2021 update, you’ll be able to enable in-game player score on a case-by-case basis for custom lobby multiplayer and skirmish matches.

  • We’ve moved the Chinese Dynasty button and user interface to a less prominent position on the screen. You’ll now find it in the lower left-hand corner.

  • The ability to view the map post-match is something you’ve asked for, and we’ve begun to make changes to allow you to do just that. Starting with the Winter 2021 update, you’ll be able to pan across the map of a completed match after finishing up your game – we’ll be looking to fold in additional options to allow you to easily switch back and forth between the completed map view and post-game stats in Spring 2022.

  • Refinements made to the in-game mini-map to improve readability are also coming in Winter 2021. Improvements include reducing the size of icons, ensuring the Wonder icon on the mini-map matches the icon displayed in the HUD, increasing the size of the Primary Town Center in comparison to other Landmarks, and adjusting the color of certain resources.

For balance and bug fixing, we’ve got loads of changes to share with you in our release notes when this update lands, but here are a handful of adjustments our balance team is particularly excited about:

  • French Hulk ship tweaked to no longer rule the high seas.

  • Crossbowmen, Spearman and Elite Crossbowmen will pose a greater threat to Cavalry.

  • Significantly reducing the cost of the Chinese civilization’s Repeater crossbow.

  • Fix to HRE Prelate unit to allow them to continue inspiring after being pushed.

  • Mongol “Superior Mobility” adjusted to ensure the speed modifier is appropriately applied. Thanks to the community for calling this out!

  • Fix issued for the Rus civilization to eliminate infinite Relic duplication.

Spring 2022

Age of Empires IV, like other titles within this globally beloved franchise, offers many ways to engage – whether you’re a history buff, fan of building out sprawling empires and taking on the AI, or more competitive in nature. Coming in Spring 2022, we’ll be adding two new ways to enjoy Age of Empires IV.

  • User Generated Content and tools allow you to bring your ideas to life. Not a mod maker yourself? No worries, you’ll still be able to enjoy the work of others – sampling their vision for unique maps, modes and more. This will provide just another way to truly make history your story in Age of Empires IV.
  • Spring 2022 will also see the start of Ranked Seasons. Ranked Seasons will span 12 weeks, allow players to compete head-to-head, climb the ranked ladder, and earn exclusive in-game rewards based on performance. We look forward to sharing more about Seasons in 2022, and if you’re looking to get some practices in ahead of time, we’d encourage you to brush up on your knowledge with the Art of War challenges, Campaign or play against AI and other players!

We’ll also be finalizing some minor improvements to the post-game map in Spring 2022, introducing the Patrol move you’ve been asking for, as well as exploring the inclusion of other features and fixes based on player feedback.

Looking Forward

While we’re committed to bringing about the features and changes highlighted above, we’re also spending time with what our players are saying they want to see in Age of Empires IV in the future.

Your feedback will help us as we continue to plan for Spring 2022 and beyond. We’re actively looking into the feedback below:

  • Global Build Queue – We know this is a feature many of you have enjoyed in previous Age titles and would like to see in Age of Empires IV.

  • Improvements to the Unit Stat card – Based on your feedback, we’re looking into how we can better serve up the most meaningful stats at a glance.

  • Hotkey Improvements – We recognize that hotkeys are a big component in competitive play and are a topic our community cares a great deal about. This is a bigger change, and something we’re investigating from a few different angles, including a movement away from the grid system as well as implementing a few other options via hotkey selections.

  • Taunts and Cheats – Part of the Age Legacy, we’re exploring what these elements would look (and sound!) like in Age of Empires IV.

  • AI Difficulty – We’ve heard from you that AI difficulty could use some tuning, specifically making the Easy AI less aggressive and boosting the challenge of the Hard AI.

  • Waypoint Indicators – Another quality of life feature from previous Age titles, we know this is something many of you want to see returned to Age of Empires IV.

Thank you again to each and every one of you who have helped us bringing about the dawning of a new Age! The journey’s only just begun, and we’ll continue to monitor your feedback to create the best possible Age of Empires IV experience with you.


Nothing for the customization of the UI though? Just reducing the size of the icons, please add more options. Anyways looking forward to the patches.

P.S. Dear devs please also add the Steam Trading cards for badges and point shop items to AoE IV just like the rest of the franchise.

thanks for listenting to the community requests

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Thanks for this Relic, we needed this after the disappointing patch. Communication with the community is key!

AoE4 is amazing already, it just needs some tweaking!

PS: I know I’m probably the only one who wants this mini-feature, but I would love if I could rotate buildings to make my base look nicer :slight_smile:


The team is hard at work to get the Winter 2021 Update ready and we’re excited to share that with the community.

As well, join us on stream later today as we talk launch, patches, roadmap, balance, and more! We’ll be joined by Quinn (Game Director, Relic), Emma (Director Player Voice, World’s Edge), and Eric (Balance Lead, Relic) along with Grant (Community Manager, Relic) and myself! We’ll be live at Twitch at 2:30pm Pacific. See you then!


Hey dev eLbotz, can you please relay to the team to add Steam Trading Cards for badges and point shop items too. It’s weird that only AoE 4 doesn’t have them while the rest of AoE have them.

Sad to see nothing about being able to change our colour in Skirmish/custom games.


We :heart: Streams! Hope to see you all tune in at 2021-11-17T22:30:00Z over at www.twitch.tv/ageofempires


Please allow us to choose our preferred colour before a game, as it is in previous AoE games


What i would like to see Is a 4k textures pack. I Hope developers Will give us more Graphic options.

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Choosing color before entering the game is one of the basic option of RTS games, please add it in the update plan.


I do hope that there will be similar subsequent updates that would be done on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The community feels ignored if we don’t see constant info on what’s new on the dev side of things, and communication is key to maintaining a good relationship. This post is a good example of what we need :smiley:

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Still no word on selectable color in skirmish or multi? come on


Or selectable “random nation” :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the transparent information, which is key these days. This will help improving the game for many years.

Additionally i might add a little wish myself, maybe it is possible to deselect 1 or 2 map types in the matchmaking and for the game itself a bit of Customizing;)

Thank you for your time.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for the update. Really glad to see will keep working with AoE4.

Some of the major improvements I would like to see in the future are:

Biggest maps and population cap
A regicide mode.
Bloodstains when units die
New maps
New civs and campaigns (including those amazing videos, they are really good and instructive!)

Age4 is a great game and I hope you keep making it even better!

Bravo, information here is a relief and looking forward to seeing this all come into the game

Nothing about adding more zoom-out?

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  • What about the pause feature similar to AOE 2/3 (at least in single player mode)?

  • Player color selection also seems to be ignored. Is nobody sick of playing always as the blue player yet? :grinning:
    Even campaign scenarios are always played out as blue. This is especially bad when playing as English, Mongols or Russians.