What's on the Horizon?

So the “big Spring update” would mean an expansion? I’m just hopeful because I still want to see more Asian civs and more game modes.

Also would there still be minor patches in between the winter and spring months? I hope devs can be a more a bit transparent in the roadmap for the year 2023 and beyond. The latest patch is a winner and I hope it won’t be the last patch.

For Persia, For Korea, For Siam, For the rest of the civs we want before the last patch for AOE 3 DE I pray.


I don’t mind to wait except for bugs and broken stuff, like USA aging and such.


Why does every one expect an “last patch”? This game proves it is better than age of 4 and may be 2. If devs gives monthly patch like age of 2, I think this is still be so good. If devs dont give patch, age of 3 will die surely but I believe that devs give us patch and this game wont be dead.


penso o mesmo amigo !


Because there is no clear status about the game’s development cycle. All can assume it’s nearing maturity and thus will eventually will have an end to the updates. The changes used to be monthly now it will be quarterly updates and the PUP has stoppped.

Just enjoy the ride. This update proves that the Devs are a rather passionate bunch (look how there’s a focus on historically accurate links) and with that love for the game, I’m sure there’s more to come!


I’m just being a cautiously optimist because this game has still lots of potential with the community suggestions. I also bought all the new DLCs to support the devs and I’ll even gift to friends too.


What I’m looking for is updates for existing 3 civs first, then Siamese/Thais, Persians, and Omanis/Arabs as new complete civs, with the introduction of new natives, outlaws and mercenaries from lesser Asian powers such as Joseon/Koreans, Ryukyu, Vietnamese, Burmese, Kazakhs, etc.

Regarding the game mode, I would love to see King of the Hill get an update. I’ve even shared ideas on how to combine those lesser powers with King of the Hill mode for a more interesting experience and a more efficient reflection of history.

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TBF, at the start of the release, patches weren’t monthly, took more time. Then it came the monthly PUPs.

Maybe it’s easier to release the patch, then let the playerbase test it, and do hotfixes.


This patch focused heavily on Euro civs, I could see the spring patch centered around Asian civs to go along with an Asian DLC.


I think it’s probable they they are going to release smaller balance patches and then a big one like this a few months down the road


I actually hope if they entertain any more federal style civs (Brazil, etc), that they, like the US and Mexico, just appear as individual civs - I’d much rather see the more unique Asian, African and Native American civs built upon


The only federal state civ I’d like to see would be Prussia. Other than that, maybe Gran Colombia in the same style as Mexico if it also came with a Bolivar campaign.

More Asian, African, and Native civs should be the priority though.


for me would be big if they finally make that hero can build the trading post with 1 single click (its bugged the hero doesnt do anythign when ordered to do)

I’d hold off on more Asian Civs until consulates get a full rework.

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Online/offline friendlist
Old legacy ranks as ‘‘casual ranks’’
Good observer mode


I hope devs will change Game UI and civ tech tree. They arent good as Age of 2. I dont like them.

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I hoped developer make to new dlc and Making with all one’s strength new campaigns To overcome the difficulty of wasting time

If the tea hint thing wasn’t a total distraction, that might be in the works.

Spring and tea correlates hopefully something grand for Asian civs and consulate rework. Also zebu cattle for Indians.

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