What's the average elo on 1v1 ranked?

Hey guys I was curious what the average elo is on 1v1 ranked? And also what elo range has the most players in it?

Thanks if you have info on this!


As would be expected with an ELO system, the average rating is around the starting rating of 1000, and the closer you are to that, the more players there are in that range.

You can see a very nice interactive graph here: https://ratings.aoe2.se/


That’s how it should be. In an Elo system, the winner wins exactly as much points as the loser loses, therefore the sum of points remains the same. If every player starts with 1000 Elo, the average Elo will always be 1000.

There are some effects, however, that have an impact on this:

  1. If you have played team games before, you will have a team game rating, that is much higher than 1000 (because of some known bugs in tg Elo calculation). If you then start playing 1v1, you don’t start with 1000, but with something near your team game Elo.

  2. If a player stops playing, he takes all the Elo points, that he has at this moment, out of the system. E. g. if a player has 900 Elo and stops playing, he has put 1000 points into the system and only taken out 900. Assuming that mainly weaker players stop playing competively, the sum of points is raising.

Therefore, there is an inflation of Elo points, even without the average playing abilities changing. As you can see in the link, SlinkyRobin8549 has posted, there are only 45,8% of players below Elo 1000, although in a perfect world it should be 50%.

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That’s a pretty awesome chart. Imagine if you could eliminate all the smurf accounts to see what your real rank is

Amazing graph! Thank you for sharing this