What's the best/worst unique unit produced at Castles?

Curious to know your opinion and what would you improve.

Best Mangudai - Fast, rapid fire rate, good damage, eat siege, paladin and all
Worst Elephant Archer - Useless in every aspect

mangudai best

slingers, orjan guns, shotel and karambit worst. Also in general alomst all infatry UU
also til the last update conqs. Since I don’t play spanish usually i don’t know how they are now.

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Slingers aren’t the worst - they counter Infantry better than Hand Cannoneers. Orjans are boosted in Castle Age.



I have a different preference for best depending on if you base best on one unit or cost - War Elephant is best for individual units to me, Huskarl for cost

Worst unit in my opinion for individually is Karambit warrior, for cost organ guns

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De los mejores el Mangudai; de los peores diria que el hombre teutonico

Slingers aren’t made at a Castle (the topic question).

I probably agree with those who say Mangudai, but Magyar Huszar are great too. My worst would probably be one of the elephants - ballista/archer

Best over all. Longbows. Great overall unit if massed.

Weakest. War Elephants. Just cost so much. If they were cheap however, they would be the overall best. The fact is, they are almost never seen 1v1. War Elephants can only be made in large numbers if you have lots of farms and trade carts in team games.

Ok i changed my mind:

Worst unit for the game: longbows. Because so many think it would be OP who don’t understand the game and will never learn it because they pick britons all the time.

Best unit for the game: TK. For reasons.

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Best unit camel archers

Worst organ guns


Best UU is Mangudai or Chukonu

Worst must be Flaming Camel. Although it also seems to be have been designed as a joke so the worst non-joke UU is certainly Elephant Archer.

Really the only UU I can’t ever imagine finding a use for. Would rather have War Wagons 100% of the time if we’re talking beefy CA.

there are so many stupidly OP unique units. I play nomad every day and almost every game is decided by which team has the most OP unique units. War wagons, rattan archers, camel archers, conqs, mangudais, coustilliers, arambai, kipchaks are some of the worst offenders


Nah, for me Magyar hussars are the best, as you can just spam them while having lots of gold for your cav archers

The worst, is Indian Elephant archer, cant even escape Hals, while doing so low damage and being so ******* slow

The best: Mangudai of the Mongols
The worst: Elephant Archer of the Indians

The best UUs are manguadai, serjeants bc they can make donjons and u dont need 2 send vills to the front lines plus that their Teutonic Huskarls and coustilliers are also great bc of their charge even though it was nerfed.
The Worst are the elephants( war, balista, archer) and karambit or jaguar warrior( i dont like jaguar warriors bc they are slow and are only good against infantry civs, which arent that good in castle age and early imp

I think the worst according to pop/cost efficiency matrix is the karambit iirc, and its not like things like the arambai which can be micro’d to alleviate the cost.

And i think best is either mangudai, huszar or leitis depending on the criteria (3-4 relic leitis)

But i think there’s tons of good ones. Kamayuk/CKN are amazing, Castle age conqs arguably balance an entire civ, kipchak with the right micro are really cost effective, etc

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It should be called “which UU is the most/least viable” instead, since the notion of good/worst is highly dependent of the situation. And from the flow of the thread, “best UU” seems to mean “which one I can mass and it is effective on its own without any particular strategy”.

From a purely statistical standpoint Cataphract could be the best, the unit has only one effective counter, which it counters anyway. Many UU are golden when it comes to raiding/snipping villagers (Ghebeto, Shotel), but too situational.

I used to think Elephant Archer was the worst unit, until I realized it beats any other range unit in a range vs range matchup. The issue is more Indians lacking good units to cover their many weaknesses.
Ultimately I think Organ Guns and Samuraï are good picks for the “worst” unit.


Yes, pros use Elephant archers as a great anti-archer unit. I have seen Hera counter Longbows using Elephant archers.

Apart from that, Elephant archers are great anti-buiding units too.

Slingers aren’t even made in castle. None of the units you mentioned are even bad. Conqs, organ guns and shotels are all great

I think the worst unique unit built at the Castle is simply the Huskarl. I prefer to create Huskarls at my Barracks instead.

Honorable mentions: Tarkans, Konniks, Sergeants

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