Whats the difference between random and full random?

I thought that random was suppose to pick civs that havent been played yet and full random was full random. After getting the same civs in a row plenty of times. I gave it another read; it says “Random civ which hasn’t been PICKED yet.” So it seems to only looks at civs you have selected.

So as someone who only plays random that means my random and full random are same thing?

Random means that it will gives only different civs in this game.
Full random means there can be duplicate civs in the game.

It has nothing to do with previous games, that has absolutely no impact.


In game descriptions:
Random: Play as a random civilization which hasn’t been selected yet.

Full Random: Previous civilizations choices are not taken into consideration

So it very much sounds like it looks at previous games for random since full random specifically states that it does not do this. I don’t think random is simply to avoid duplicate/mirrored civs in the game. It sounds like its supposed to look at preview games.

“Previous choices” means “previous choices within this exact game”. Previous games are completely irrelevant here.

Random avoids duplicate civs in the same game, full random doesn’t. That’s all there is to it.


Oh i see… I wish they would make random also avoid previous played civs. I often get the same civs over and over again. Thanks for clearing it up


Hmm… so If i choose the replay game option, I will replay the same game but the random factors will be changed, so it will be the same, but different, but still the same? :smiley: :smiley: So actually in a few clicks you can just wuickly start a new game but with some changes so you get the feeling of a new game…

Isn’t the “Random” supposed to be different than “Full Random” and never repeat a civ that your team already got?
I’m having a lot of games with duplicate civs on the same team…

don’t think so. i’ve seen viper choose cumans and tatoh random into cumans.

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Random only avoids duplicates amongst the people who went random. It can’t avoid duplicate with someone who picked civ.


I thinks this should be stated more clearly in the game because I thought it was including the already picked civs.

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Hmmm ok, but I don’t agree it should work like that. It’s almost exactly the same that Full Random…