What's the equivalent to 1.5 game speed in AoE2:DE?

I’m used to play AoE1:DE in 1.5 speed. Is there a 1:1 equivalent in this game?

the normal game speed in aoe2 is 1.7 seconds in game for every 1 second real life.

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There were 3 speeds in Aoe1: Normal, Fast, and Very Fast.

In Aoe2 these speeds were renamed to: Slow, Normal, Fast.

But in Aoe2 “Normal” speed was different in Single Player and in Multiplayer, it was 1.5x in SP and about 1.7x in MP. In Aoe2 DE, “Normal” speed is 1.7x and “Casual” speed is 1.5x. “Normal” 1.7x speed is the standard for multiplayer.


Oh. Thanks. Casual it is, then. Thanks for the detailed answer.

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@SlenderBadger98 To be quite exact, MP normal speed was 1.5 in HD and 1.7 in Voobly (due to a bug). It was made the standard normal speed in DE because high-ranking competitive players were playing on Voobly and used to 1.7 speed.
Previous SP normal and HD MP normal speed 1.5 was renamed to casual.

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