What's the Grade of Civilization Ranking?

I divide civilization into four levels:t0;t1,t2;t3.
You can speak enthusiastically.Don’t bind yourself.It’s just an entertainment discussion
In my idea

Inside t0.I think only Japan
Inside t1.I think British=French=Dutch=Indians>Aztecs>Inca=Lakota
Inside t2.I think Germans=Portuguese=Haudenosaunee>Ottomans>Chinese=Swedes
Inside t3.I think Russia>Spanish

It’s only 1v1 Games.Thanks!

If you asking for 1vs1, this is my tier list, my opinion.


How are portuguese D tiers ? They win a lot in tournaments 1v1, they have amazing Skirms & Dragoons, on top of an amazing eco.

Aside from that it looks fine

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I play Ports frequently and couldn’t agree more. They weren’t underpowered in the final TAD patch of the original game, and since then, have received a few buffs in DE. Maybe they’re not S or A tier, but definitely not D and I’d argue not C.

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Tier list for team game.

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I put them in D, because in my humble opinion, they only have 2 viable strategies, Naval Boom or FF, in the first case it depends a lot on the map that touches you and in the second case you have to know how to play quite well, it has a very high difficulty , It takes a lot of practice to dominate the Ports. Change my mind.

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Lakota S tier for sure. Also if you put Iroquois in C tier, below China, then you likely haven’t watched any tournaments. In fact Lakota and Iro have dominated in many games, especially Iro on Water maps.

Port is SS tier on Water maps. Inca is also insanely powerful on Water maps. And still we have seen Iro be able to beat Port on Water maps. So these two should never be far apart in the tierlist in Water maps and they should be atleast in A tier, if not S tier on Water maps. Depending on how many civs you want to put in S tier on Water maps.

Ideally, you would need 2 Tierlists for non-water and water maps.


Hmm I understand now why you feel this way.

But then I compare them to Aztec, and unlike them, Portuguese you can’t do much against them and their turtle/booming, you can’t punish them. This is why I don’t really see it as an issue, but I’m biased on that, outside of what I’ve seen on tournaments

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The win rate of the EP patch is now meaningless. It has been more than 5 months since the EP patch has been supported, and DE has been working on several more patches in the meantime. Even if they accepted the EP patch at the time of release, it is not at all now. It is pointless to evaluate civilization now with the win rate of the EP patch. What we really need right now to discuss balance is the win rate and select rate the developers have.


All tier list are subjective. My 1vs1 rank.
Sweden is still S tier albeit it can go to A tier.
Aztec with their new buff go to B tier, since if the rush fails … well they lose.
Ports are B tier since their rush is not the best, but their FF and WB is amazing (i concede that it is not the easiest civ to play but it is strong)
Russia is not that good… Again you can go full cav and still beat them
Dutch suffer a lot in commerce so they are C… Even the Cav semi FF still is prone to fail to an early rush They could be D in 1vs1.
China… well it still lacks a way to survive a simple rush in commerce. Its hard.

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Team games tier list
As always this is a lot of subjective.
Sweden in not as strong in team games as it is in 1vs1, IMHO. They still are very strong but they lose a little mileage after the 15 min mark and can only regain-it later.
Dutch and Brits are OP in team games, one can easily boom to Fortress and spam skirms and ruyts, the other can choose if boom, or rush or whatever… and 50 vils at 8 mins…
China in team games can be defended and go full FF and go death ball
Aztec and Spain lose to D tier since:
Aztec is very rush focused and either go full boom or full rush, there is no between - hence it does not have the flexibility needed for a team game.
Spain loses in the late fortress when their units (Lancers, and Rods) start to die to Musks, skirms or goons. And their skirms and musks are not as good as the remaining civs.

I’d think Lakota are A not S after the slight nerfs. Wouldn’t Dutch be more in tier B with some of the buffs? The lines between A and B are kind of blurred to me, but ultimately I still think China is on the weaker end, Japan and Sweden are on the more powerful side. Everything else seems fairly balanced.

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From de released until now, Japan are always on S tier in most of consideration, no matter 1v1 or team game.

So what have dev done.


But are not unbeatable like sweden was in the last patch. I guess the point of Japan is their versatility and their capacity to allow several mistakes

That’s what dev messed up balance with Sweden. Once Sweden were nerfed not tier S anymore, most of guys came out and shouted Sweden are unplayable anymore and need to make Sweden return to tier S.

Ports also very strong with ATP. On maps like Himalayas and Central Plain Ports dominate by doing ATP with immediate stage coach. The only maps Port are actually weak on are maps with neither posts nor water. The recent patch does hurt Ports because of the different map pool.


I think the Chines castle need more buff!

So curious thing here. I always hear how amazing the British are. I’m not a super competitive player but the British just seem kinda lame. Like their manors spawning villagers is great but their units seem pretty average. Redcoats are great but countered with skirms. Hussars and Rockets seem to be the only units that are legit really good.

In my mind I always considered the Brits average but seeing all these tier lists… they’re always in the top 2-3 civs. Be great if someone could explain this.

You include treaty with that?