Whats the point of empire wars?

Can we please just make this Death Match.,.,…cuz this empire wars mode is just silly…and its not a part of the real game…thats fine you can add it to the game…but can we please get the game modes that we had on the orginal game FIRST? its realy a kick in the butt to the players that have played this game since the begining…its almost like…how dare you…

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It used to be deathmatch, which had no players, so it got replaced with EW, which also has no players.


trust me …lots of ###### match players
i see 100 very active players…we just have to play in private games…since we dont have any kind of “join” game on the main game…its realy kinda dumb…

You don’t need hundreds of players to have a ladder. You need thousands minimum, probably tens of thousands. The playerbase isn’t large enough in general to support a huge number of different ladders, and most people aren’t interested in DM. The pushback against it being removed was pretty minimal to my knowledge, most people don’t care.

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Just fix the goddamn UI and stop forcing us locked into a game mode. Let us pick EW alongside with RM and maybe even allow us DM. Is it that hard to fix UI that hard?

Why all your hate for EW? EW is pretty funny. It kinda skips the boring part of RM: The dark age - and put your straight into the action. I really wish more players are enjoying EW. It is probably less noob friendly then RM, because it puts your straigth into the action. That is way it is harder to get into as lower rated player.

The UI isnt really the reason why we only have RM and EW, but no DM. Ranked only worked for large communities. Otherwise the lobby should be the way to go. If i am really honest then i think only RM fits this requirement. EW and DM both are too small. EW is a bit pushed by Red bull, while i dont really know many big DM tournaments. That is probably why EW gets the benefits of doubt at this moment. But if i am really honest, both EW and DM doesnt belong in ranked. And that is said by someone who likes EW.

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While searching for 1v1 RMs, I would like to get 1v1 EW or DM as well. Same case with TGs. UI locking is one of the big reason why I would just prefer playing RMs and.
Beside EW, alternately 9 vil start is much better where you can jump into action much faster. Many civ got important Dark Age bonus to carry the rest of the game. Second reason why EW didn’t got popular as pros pointed out primarily due to cutting off Dark Age.
I would say cutting off Dark Age, current matchmaking and UI locking is the reason why EW is dead these days.

I dont really get your point about UI locking. It seems like you think you can only pick one game mode in ranked. That isnt true. You can queue up for RM and EW at the same time. Like you can also queue up for 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and/or 4v4 at the same time. You can just select all (or some) of them and enter the queue.

So you can already join RM and EW queues at the same time. So i dont really get your point of being UI locking…

Well, DM just had as much players as EW back when it was still matchmaking.

Imo, 1v1 RM, DM and EW (+ Return of Rome) should be all matchmaking whereas Team Games should be lobbies.

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Why would you have team games in lobby only? That sound like a terrible suggestion. There are a lot of TG ranked players. Even more then 1v1. You can better try to convince many lobby players for TGs (and even 1v1s) to you the ranked ladder.

Ranked is the way to go for the big communities. For those ranked will work fine and even much better then the lobby. The lobby is for only small communities, playing with and against friends only, tournament games, community games, … things like that.

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What is that supposed to mean?

I ply neither. So I have no problem with DM being back.

LOL. Deathmatch mode has not been removed from the game. I think there are even ranked lobbies for DM. No one played ranked DM so they removed it from ranked.

Exactly. Maybe they should try 9 vills start next.

My personal opinion is that EW is much more interesting than DM. Very good to develop Feudal age skills and enter directly in the action.

DM (according to me) is boring af. Im sorry for those who like rank DM.

To avoid premade vs random team situations.

I like Deathmatch for practicing late game skills as that’s a part where I personally struggle with.

But except in Michi, you never get 20k each ressources in late game. DM is like playing with cheat codes, it has no place in rank.

Well after ~15 mins it actually evolves into a ‘normal’ AoE 2 game and it’s one of AoE 2’s classic modes that’s been around since AoK, so I still do think it has a place in ranked, even if it is not as popular as RM.

It depends what you mean by “normal”. If “normal” is the reference point of a classical game starting at Dark age, then reaching 80k ressources isn’t normal.

After 15 min in DM you have 20 castles and hundred of military buidlings. Why not of having DM in rank (even if I don’t really like the idea) if there is really a demand, but DM it’s like playing bullet or blitz chess, it’s much less respectable than classical games.

The point is to skip like the first 15 mins of the game. It’s better for tournaments, and for ppl who are eager to get into action, which is not many (lol).

I mean normal as in pace. DM obviously is played at 2.0 whereas RM and EW are 1.7 but nevertheless, after 15 mins it feels like a normal game. Also, you don’t have to see late game as in resources for Deathmatch but rather in general concepts such as buildings tons of military buildings and spamming units, i.e. macro.
Players such as FreakingAndy or Nili who were/are active in Deathmatch are especially strong in that regard.

There are other game modes which used to be just as popular as Death Match on Voobly. Such as CBA for example.

I would honestly rather just have 2 ranked ladders. One RM ladder and then one miscellaneous ranked ladder which includes all the other games modes like DM, EW, CBA, Capture the island (or whatever it was called), Regicide etc. Then a sub menu on the 2nd ladder where you can check or uncheck each of those game modes depending on your preferences. I think a system like this would make it much easier for non-RM players to find games if all those obscure game modes were combined onto one ladder.