What's the point of making Rihno and Elephant having faster attack animation than boar?

Is it really necessary to make this difference to increase the unfair situation?
In the previous version of the Arabia, sometimes they are even behind the trees which means I must do the upgrade before going for it.

To me it’s not meaningful, it’s not even newbie friendly arrangement at all.

They carry 400 food instead of 340 though.


Really? Never checked it.
Thanks for letting me know that.

But still, I would rather prefer to nerf the attack, it just encouraging and making those SC dirty moves very easily. Sometimes it even just create the unfair villages dead because of the villages stupid moving path.

Why? Just research loom before go for it. Not all maps should have the same BO, or you research loom before Feudal in Arena?

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Have you ever seen the top players do the loom that early?

Those top players have insane reflexes though. Most dont

You can still block the rhino / elephant with sheep or your scout or another villager if you don’t want to make loom.

I know all the tricks, I can even do the building to stop it.

My point is, While the normal boar is just that “normal”,
what’s the purpose of making rihno and elephant so easy to kill the villages than that, and they even made them so much far away in Arabia now.

mmm i don’t find it hard to get ? maybe you’re used to voobly and still waiting for 2 arrows for the lurer ?

actually I found that it’s hard to communicate with you, I have never mentioned I am not able to lure a rihno or elephant without loom.

I am asking why they make this different and what’s the meaning on this.

well you crearly said it ^^ and i just ask you since in can no recall any games on ladders which let me do this this type of trick so just asking what’s the problem ? rhino / elephant getting more food as well so yeah there are different but i don’t understand why this is a problem in arabia ?

having that total 50x2 food but with the random distance, high attack doesnt really make sense to me.
by the

  1. risk of the village stupid path
  2. opponent dirty SC trick. (just 1 or 2 hits or one right click block)
  3. random far distance of its position
  4. forest blocking

For all the replies you are given I really don’t see you are answering my questions, instead of criticizing everything like you are the best.
Do you want a 1v1 game so as to prove you are the master here?
I am welcome for this.

I really found that some of the people here are quite non-sense.

When I raised out the unfairness about solo player vs duo team in ranked game.
They’ve never face to my points but just keep talking about the other stuffs.
Someone even tell me to grab a friend to play, funny huh?
That’s not even resolving anything. This forum is kind of unhealthy by many of these people.

??? wtf come on dude

come on dude, play a game, I really want to learn from you.
You want to play the child words game and I would rather prefer to play a 1v1 to see how good you are?

I never critic you… You are just on defensive for nothing… I was just asking for something which happens for me for a long time…

I don’t recall talking about this type of subject at all ?
i think you getting me for an another one.

I am not talking about you on this, I am talking about the atmosphere in this forum.

  1. Keep replying something not even direct related to the points.
  2. Against just because they like to against.
  3. Arguing sth not even based on rational points but just personal favours.

if you ask me if I am able to lure a Rihno or elephant, I am going to let you know this is my ranking.
Because whatever I said you seems just ignore and think I am a kind of dumb.

I dont need further discussion about this trick or that trick.

I am talking about the “necessary” to having that high attack speed which creating the unfairness of the game.

Again when i was in this type of elo maybe 16x can’t recall exactly i was getting 2 arrow to hunt because of voobly That is not a critic just a question why you find it hard ^^
and yes i know your rating before you creater this subject that is specifically why i sait it:

Because i know you are not a low elo and this trick is pretty easy so now that you know that was not a critic
I don’t get why you think that elephant and rhino are a problem for hunting i mean there is almost no chance to loose tyour vill if you do in the correct timing (at least arabia) and if you do not well you can do these tricks which is also usefull for boar ? actally i think the elephant are better cause they get the laming less strong which more food enough to clicked up feudal and defend better even if the difference is minor.

This one i agree and see it a lot and that can trigger me as well but don’t need to take the entire forum for that just ignore these or if you are crazy like me try to have a debate whith them it is very hard 11 but hopefully this is a minority

Thanks to my fear of rhynos and elephants, now I can do the TC lure trick confortably.