What's up with the "strong language" filter on this later hotfix?

So, build 35209 apparently came with a strong language filter that censor any message that is sent with a curse word. I don’t know why this is implemented, and why wasn’t even communicated at patch notes.

The first problem is that it comes by default, and you can’t toggle/deactivate it on the settings.

Second is that it doesn’t censors the filtered “curse word” only, it censors the whole message. This simply messes up so much with communication in game. If you simply write a ‘WTF’ at your message you have to figure out what happened and reformulate your phrasing to actually say something. It’s so clunky.

Also, the filter itself is kinda odd. It censor out messages with harmless words such as “ez” or “negro” (for us latinos, at least). By no means these words alone are swearings.

Finally, the messaging seems to be laggier overall. The delay in between sending the message and the message showing up at the chat box is very noticeable and annoying. I don’t know if this has something to do with the language filtering, but I have a strong guess that it does.

I personally dislike the filter a lot, even more giving that you can’t disable it. This is not what we asked for when demanding for punishment for people that spread hate speech or other kinds of slurs on the game chat and lobby titles.


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