Whats up with the updates?

Every update significant bugs are introduced. I thought the Malay bug was bad (we had to wait 30 days for the fix, and in the meanwhile anyone who gets randomly assigned Malay in a game is screwed), but the current multiplayer bug is a hundred times more destructive (cant play team games at all).

Can the player community help with the updates? I am sure many players will be willing to test updates before they are released. I am not trying to be funny or coy. Right now it seems like the developers do not do enough testing for updates, but I am sure if they seek help from the community we will be willing to provide it.

And please, if the relevant people end up reading this, dont make players wait 30 days for a fix to a game breaking bug. The game will lose players fast, and this kind of damage will be hard to recover from. Please please dont let this happen.


I’m 99% sure noone is running test before releasing the patches. Some bugs are literally impossible to miss. Anyway, community has been complaining a lot (with enough reasons), si i hope things wilk start to change


Seems like a hotfix is coming today. Or for me: probably tomorrow :wink: