What's with the unranked lobby already appearing dead?

Another issue, I can’t seem to finish a ■■■■■■■ team game bigger than a 2v2 without it inevitably crashing or desyncing
Didn’t have this issue on HD, there were desyncs but it wasnt this often

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What server do you pick?
Make a lobby called ‘black forest noobs’ on us west and watch how many people join.

East US
I’m pretty sure the fact that im not hosting black forest has nothing to do with it

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It is true ! They have to fix the bugs

Has anyone reported this as a legit bug? I’m 100% sure that it is; that many ppl can’t be wrong in their observations.

Yeah, it’s already at the Known Issues official list, and it’s promised to be fixed at next patch. https://www.ageofempires.com/support/aoe2/aoe2-issues/

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too little, too late

Every day I come home hoping this is fixed. Game is unplayable until it is

THAT is exactly the feeling my dude!!!

When is the next patch

No release date yet, but we can expect one for this week, I suppose. Last one came 15/11

The lobby is broken, haven’t been able to join a game for a long time.

When it’s done?
Which should have been the original release date.

That’s true, a lot of people were in agreement that the release should be delayed to sort issues like this out. Funny thing is, this issue in particular wasn’t very prominent in the pre release

Same here. I’ve crashed multiple times and received losses in ranked matches for it.

This is a pretty big deal and needs to be the #1 priority. An empty lobby kills the game because people log on, go to lobby and see a handful of games lobbies at most and log to do something else (like another game). I know I did that.


It seems like they where working on different branches, are you familliar with version control in software?
So they’d have a beta branch with changes from when the beta was available.
Then they’d have the master branch with new internal development where more dangerous changes where done.
If they where happy with how something was working in either version they code move those changes over to the other version.
But it seems many changes where not moved over and so we are encountering issue’s now that didn’t exist in the beta, but also now issue’s have been solved by changes that weren’t applied to the beta.
There can be good reasons for not moving changes over. But if you can’t move all master branch changes to the beta to test them, that’s evidence you’re not ready for release.

Re bump this thread.
The lobbies are worst then ever and I have to give up finding a game so many times

UPDATE THIS WEEK!! LETS TRY TO KEEP COOL :cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: