What's with the unranked lobby already appearing dead?

On several instances between last night and this night I’ve hosted a 1v1 lobby in unranked. Sometimes I would have the lobby up for up to 40 minutes, but a minimum of 10. Not a soul has joined it, pretty irregular.

Furthermore any time I browse the unranked games only 3 or 4 show up at a time - and usually they are private games.
I highly doubt the lobby is actually dead but I’m having issues with it since I can’t see that many games at a time (when I’m certain there’s more than like 3 or 4 up) and I don’t even see my game appear in the lobby browser, probably hinting at why my lobbies dont get any players. :confused:


For me it was the same, so people maybe want single player for now OR it is a bug ???

same problem. it is a bug. by my brother the same.

Same for me. There are 1/2 lobbies to join but I wanna play BF.

The MS Store Version has not that many players compared to Steam. Since it is one release version behind crossplay is unavailable right now so you do not see steam players.

I’m playing on Steam and I still have these issues.


My friend and I are playing in the same house, both using the Steam version of the game and our unranked lobbys are completely different. If I make a game in unranked he doesn’t even see me. This is lame :frowning:. And yes, our filters are all Any and Public. I hope this is a bug :rage:


is a bug,

I’ve had the same issues:

Yesterday I only had lobby games from WestUS, now I only have Brazil games. both cases with awful ping.

When I create a lobby, it doesn’t appear for anyone else.

The question is if they will fix it quickly enough, before eveyone quits this game and leave it empty. well they got our money.


Has this been listed as a known issue yet?

well i just got placed on the team ranked leaderboard on about rank 500… so… i geuss there is at least 500 players.


The lobby system is broken. You can load up two instances of the game and see two totally different unranked lobbies. It’s kind of a joke.


It’s appalling that HD did something better than DE :confused:

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Any update on this? We gotta get this sorted out! :sob:

Same issue. I see 1-2 games in lobby but when I go to AOE2 HD I see a ton

when I create the game in steam: No one sees it.

When created in xbox: some people sees it.

20 minutes to fill a game

starts the game

crash to desktop

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It’s pretty weird the absence of open lobbies on the browser. Steam Charts shows a 20k+ daily player base, and we got these awful empty lobby explorers with 2~4 rooms available, while at (2013) AoE II version we had plenty of lobbies to join even with a significantly smaller amount of people playing. Also, I can’t see to be able to find lobbies outside my server, region for some reason. Even tough if I come to the spectator tab I can see plenty of lobbies playing, but a bug also fail to let me watch any of them.

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4 Days after launch, I have still not got a single person in one of my unranked lobbies which stand for 15+ mins

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There are a massive amount of lobbies not showing up i havent seen any looby ive been asked to join and they did exist because a direct invite worked so there are most definitely lobbies not showing up


Same scenario, same result.