What's your computer setup?

Hi everybody!
I’m looking for a new setup to play AoE4, but not sure what kind of GPU etc. to get! The recommended GPUs get around 50% average on Userbenchmark.

What is your computer setup and how does it run the game??

Huge thanks!

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Ryzen 3600, 32GB RAM, Radeon RX5600XT. I can easily maintain 60fps at 1080p even in big battles (have tested up to 3v3 so far). All settings maxed as far as possible.

As an aside, I stopped using Userbenchmark ages ago. Their numbers tend to be heavily biased to whichever hardware they prefer (usually Intel) and no independent review site takes them seriously anymore. Their game “benchmarks” also exclude modern titles in favour of older e-sport type games that are heavily dependent on single thread performance (again, this favours Intel over AMD).

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My pc:
I5 6400
AoE 4 on SSD
GTX 950 2GB
Medium graphics, 1080p
15-40 fps.


Thanks! How do you compare the different specs then? Haven’t been gaming since Ao3, so it’s quite a jungle to navigate :slight_smile:

Reputable independent review sites are the best way to go. On Youtube, some of my favourites are Gamers Nexus and Hardware Unboxed, and you can also check out websites such as Techspot.com or Videocardz.com.

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Youtube videos.
For example: “Age of empires IV GTX 1650”.
Write this text on youtube search bar.


Its just prebuilt a msi gaming pc. I got it because it was endorsed by Cloud9 the esports team. Now if I C9 in Overwatch, I can blame my computer!

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I’m an Intel / nVidia guy through and through (just preference, really) and at the moment it looks like AMD still has the edge generally in tech (Intel might change that with their 12th-gen CPUs, but it’s far too early to tell).

The problem in looking for a GPU at the moment is the market is just . . . I dunno. Upside down. That’s the best I can do without swearing. A number of factors have converged to absolutely destroy availability and push unit prices way above even the most generous RRP.

With that in mind, your best bet is either to bet it all on one of the current top-end cards available, and just pay the premium, or go for something (even secondhand - though that can be risky with graphics cards) a lot older that’ll still work for Age IV in the meantime. Current manufacturing issues are expected to continue into 2022 at the very minimum, so it’ll be interesting (slash nightmarish) to see what impact this has on the market going forwards.

I can recommend a GeForce 1070, or anything from the 1000 series from the 1060 Ti and up, really. That’s probably your best bet for something “older and cheaper”. I don’t know enough about AMD offerings to make a comparable recommendation. I use a 1070 myself, and while I haven’t labbed it for Age IV yet, it does me fine for all the games I play.


And this works well?

Alder Lake reviews just dropped, if you want to check.

But yeah, the GPU situation is grim to say the least. There is nothing really worth buying new at the moment unless you have wads of cash burning a hole in you pocket. I got my 5600XT second hand for a reasonable price. had I bought new I would have spent twice as much.


I’m looking for used stuff too. Looks like a better bargain compared to the store.

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What about your display? Anything I need to look out for?

Display as in your monitor?

Yes - my current is a Samsung 50/60 hz :wink:

I’d suggest speccing the monitor to suit the rest of the build. For example if you are going to play at 1080p, not much point getting a 1440p monitor (unless you think you’ll upgrade again soon). Similarly, if the rest of your computer can handle games at 1440p+, it would be silly to get a 1080p monitor.

I recommend you post your budget and ask for help at https://reddit.com/r/buildapc or at https://forums.overclockers.co.uk/


Agreed. Your display should match what the system is capable of delivering from a framerate perspective. For instance, I long since decided that 4k or even 1440p is out of reach of my pocket at the moment, so my goal is to achieve at least 60fps at 1080p at all times. I bought a Dell 24 in 1080p 75Hz monitor for that extra bit of smoothness over 60Hz, and it also supports AMD Freesync.

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Computer: Intel i9900K + 1080 TI
Game: 2560x1440 = 60 FPS / 4K = 40 FPS

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My pc Ryzen 5 2600, 3200Mhz 16GB RAM, GTX1650 Super, I use GeForce Experience settings and it goes decently in 1080p :laughing:

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