What's your favorite Civ?

So far I am torn between HRE and Abbasid

I really love the Golden Age mechanic because it’s like having all your villagers buffed by a prelate after 10 buildings, plus the look of the units and the camel’s of course :slight_smile:

Making your building “connect” is a nice nod to Arabic cities with tight streets.

Personally the House of Wisdom should get “physical” wings with a separate health pool so they don’t get ram sniped which really sucks.

Mongols for me. Partial to HRE.

I was very keen on Rus and English at first, then I had a very serious infatuation with Dehli, but I am settling into Mongols and China. I’ve yet to really dive into France, HRE, or Abbasid.

I’m trying to master Rus but I just can’t.

So far Abbasids are great. As for China I had a blast with them at the start then we had a falling out lol maybe I’ll try them again later.

HRE and Abbasid. Delhi before the nerf but they are pretty hard to play now.

France has super powerful cavalry

I used to love the Delhi Sultanate, but I took an arrow in the knee!


For me its mongols, because i hate walls and houses. Second was Delhi because of its unique playstyle. But as Capsaicin said, i have to wait for now until it will be playable again.

Chinese and HRE is on my list , mostly chinese but i didn’t played that much with them yet. I really don’t like to build houses, its so boring and useless. I would be quite happy if houses would be changed to something more useful. Not just “pop limit +”.

I like to play Mongols and Rus cause they are awesome designed and very universal powerful.

But secretly im in love with the look of the HRE. They look awesome and i have to like them as a german :wink:
But they are soooo bad gameplay wise in comparison to Mongols and Rus its soooo sad.
They are poor average at least unit wise and even there “one” special unit is trash…

But its okay. Who would want to play there home country lol …

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HRE all day even with bugs

I like playing all of them, tough to decide which is my favourite.

HRE Knights are the best looking thing in the game.

Weirdly my least favourite might be rus, since they don’t seem to be very exciting once you have finished the race to kill all the deer, there isn’t too much interesting uniqueness beyond that.

Big Rus fan. Picked them at random after my friend gifted me the game and invited me to a lobby, but after playing through everyone it turns out I do like them the best.

France #2 because cav is dope, and them maybe English?

Trying to get better at the rest.

Rus is the best, easy to handle and since they have a civ tier list and I have seen the others are intermediate to hard, I haven’t even tried the other ones yet. But I will give them a chance soon.

The Mongols and Rus.

I know haha HRE looks awesome but I have this thing for camel’s and desert themed civs so it’s the Abbas for me haha

I totaly get ur point ^^

HRE is home for me xD Its nice to hear ur native language evolving with every Age and even Burg Eltz (the Inspiration of the Eltzbach palace) is only a 15 km trip away from me :wink: .

Definitely the Chinese. The Nest of Bees siege is so satisfying to play with and watch. and i love playing difficult civs

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Even though I suck at this game, my favorite is HRE(Prelate, MAA) followed by Abbasid(Camels), Dehli(Free techs, Elephants), and English(Longbowmen, MAA/Knight mix).

france, because of crossbowmen

my second is english because of LB men.

HRE is quite fun at its core, the eco mechanics, but my goodness… right now they are indeed weak IMO. Tough to survive Mongol Feudal Age aggression.