Whats your form of aoe3 monetazing? i see no grow on income

the only form i see aoe3 monetize is by selling expansions, but there is no other way to monetize
this game need more sources of income, to sell more content
some ideas to get income:

  1. packages of taunts
  2. premium statistics , cannons killed on ranked multiplayers games, villagers killed in ranked multiplayers games
  3. premium avatars
  4. premium music

Customizable architecture sets.


Why do people here like to pretend we’re in charge of the production of this game?

Like, how can we see whether there’s growth on income and, more importantly, why should we even care?


New architecture sets and explorer skins are the best options IMHO for cosmetics. But I also want new Campaigns, Historical Battles and Coop content. New civs are always cool, but I also want good and replayable solo / coop content that use them.


Skin packs are nice but I’m more willing to pay for scenario packs. There has been literally no true sp content for a year.


Unit Cosmetic DLC, I’ve mentioned it many times. Especially in Europe there are still a large number of generic units that could use skins that are more in line with the historical background.


Because many players hope that this game can be continuously maintained and updated to provide players with more new content, and the premise of this vision is that developers can continue to obtain certain financial returns from this game.


I’m pretty sure that the team behind the game knows.more about the state of the game and what needs to be done to make it even more profitable. It’s not like they don’t know that ‘more.content => more sales’

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An aoe3 world map.
actual action figures of units.

I’d guess most of the revenue comes from xbox game pass.

Capybara plushie
Capybara body pillow
Capybara coffee mug
Capybara toothbrush
Capybara hat
Capybara chia pet

Capybara everything!!!

Or just provide content every now and then we can spend money on.


Historical maps too…

Capybara for president xd…