Whats your most loved game from the Age series?

As the topic name suggests, whats your most loved age title ?

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. I only typed that because of 20 characters.

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Interesting o:
How come you have chosen AOE2 ?
I´m way to bad at the game , to play it :smiley:

AoE1 is unbalanced and badly designed.
I really dislike the art style of AoE4, and a lot of the gameplay feels wrong to me (like arrows that can target lock and change direction midair).
I don’t like the era of AoE3, and I’m not a big fan of 3D graphics in AoE games.
Never played AoM, although I’ve heard it’s good. Not going to bother as there’s the new version in the works.
AoE2 has the best art style in my opinion, great era, really nice gameplay, and a lot of content.

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Age of Empires 4 and Age of Empires 2 DE.

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Well that should make you dislike AOM too D:
Since AOE3 is born from AOM :s

Could you also name me a reason why? O:

Age of Empires 2 is classic, played it for 20 years. With DE the art looks very nice, even though it is 2d isometric and not 3d. DE also improved a bunch of quality of life issues.

AoE2 has the most single player content by far and most content overall. There are dozens of campaigns, 42 different civs, tons of different maps at this point, and lots of mods including UI mods.

Age of Empires 4 has the perfect balance of asymmetry. The civs are much more unique than those in AoE2, but also not completely unique like in Starcraft or Warcraft. It makes the differences very interesting, but it is also not too difficult to play all the civs.

AoE4 is also more streamlined than AoE2 and it introduces a lot of cool mechanics. It is also better at encouraging diverse unit compositions than AoE2 is.


AoE 3 DE is my favorite. I like the game play, graphics, time period, card system is cool, I found that it has a more welcoming community of players.


i thought so too, it somehow opens more different tactics, and strategies o:


Age of empiores I was one of the first pc games I have played and because of that it always hold that place in my heart. However my favourite currently is second game.



While I play AoE 2 the most, I love 'em all equally. Each AoE is nice in its own right (can’t speak for AoM, haven’t played that one that much).

Things I like about the respective games:

  • AoE 1: The era (imo antiquity is overlooked and underrated), the soundtrack (imo best soundtrack in any Age), the “challanges” due to how raw the game is compared to AoE 2

  • AoE 2: Tons of campaigns, great matches in multiplayer (especially ranked), the chess-esque playstyle due to how you rather learn strategies instead of civs and relying on civ bonusses is just something on top

  • AoE 3: The home city + card system which is something like “choose your own civ bonusses”, settlements whose technologies spice up the game, physics

  • AoE 4: good mixture of past Age games with 2’s setting and partial asymetry from AoE 3

AoE 3 because was my first RTS and because i like musketeers,pirates and cowboys and because had amazing graphics for 2005;then AoEO because i like the ancient times and because have too much content.The third would be AoM because the mythology…