What's your strategy on Mills?

Is it worthwhile to put all ten villagers on a single mill? (That would be the ‘fill them to the limit’ strategy).

Or is there a margin of diminishing returns for settlers on a Mill where it’s not really of that much benefit to exceed a certain number?

Any thoughts/comments on Mills in general welcome.

My goal is to have at most 7 on a mill, but at the beginning of the transition that is not possible, so sometimes I may end up with a full complement on a mill, but I spread them out around once more wood is available.

I usually put 10 on mills but I usually employ a combination of mills and livestock, since I don’t want to waste pop space on settlers.

i usually build mills as soon as natural food sources run out :wink:

In TAD, 7 was the most you could have on a mill before their need to move around to gather made them bump into each other actually slowed down food gather rates.

I don’t know if this has been fixed in the DE.

There is a long standing myth about that.
There is actually no impact on your gathering linked to the number of villagers you have.

imMoonPie, the only one that has tested this (as far as I know) came to the conclusion that ‘‘the tests I’ve run point to the “bumping” of vills being inconsequential’’.

Losing wood is the only thing that building more mills will do.


If it gets to the point in the game where you can afford to do it I usually will put 7 per mill, worth noting the African field and the Native American farms do not get affected by bumping.

How many villagers do you put on livestock for the total gather to be equal to a mill with 10 villagers?

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Cause they do not bump. Neither are Asians civs.