When a rush fails?

How much of a setback is it to the rush player when a rush fails? You kill little to no villagers basically. Your resources were wasted on your attack.

Depende what kind of rush. A drush is not a big problem. If you idle your opponent eco is considered mildly effective.

A forward siege workshop 1tc push, ehen failed is pretty much gg


Totally depends on the kind of rush and how much the opponent had to react to it. It’s not even only about killing villagers and forcing idle time. Even if none of that happened, but the opponent had to build some military he otherwise wouldn’t have built it could be fine.

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I agree with the other comments made so far. I believe a drush is just intended to distract, whereas a scout flush is intended to a snipe a villager or two. In both cases, forcing villager idle time decreases the amount of resources that the opponent can gather during that time.

Infantry civs should consider keeping their militia alive (although constantly harassing the opponent) in order to upgrade them to more dangerous Man-At-Arms.

Yeah this questions warrants a classic “it depends” 11.

The main thing is also how well the player pivots from the rush strategy to a different strategy. Also rushing should always be preceded with scouting. I may start a game planning to drush into archers, but after the drush if I scout them already building towers and walling, etc then ill probably want to change my strategy to some extent, maybe go fc instead.

The thing that sets apart the pros from us plebs is their situational awareness and switching from one plan to another. (That and micro/multitasking 11)

A rush is to apply pressure and force the enemy to make mistakes or non optimal play. It isnt meant to be an instant kill.

Before we really can answer this question, we need to know what kind of rush? How big is the fail? Did you invest a lot?

Just to give another example: You want to scout rush. Enemy is fully walled. If you dont have made many scouts, you can also go for some semi FC build, while still having map control. So use your scouts to scout the map. That would even increase your rating, which might scare your opponent. In the end it is always on adapting.