When an ally refuses to help?

What is your reaction to this?

A perfect example the map 4v4 Arena. Your ally in the back is perfectly safe but he does not contribute any troops to the frontline, and when you call for help, you are met with silence.

Have you ever been in this situation where you are doing all the fighting and your allies are literally sitting around doing nothing? You call for help and you literally get nothing in response and they just sit in boom and do nothing in their base. They are having fun playing sim city while the enemy is knocking on your door. Other times they are refusing to help you push or defend you when you are the front line player.

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Just insult them, maybe that’ll work.

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If it’s 1v1, you should be able to handle it. That is expected. If it’s 2v1, you should be able to hold for a little while. If it’s 2v1 and you are overwhelmed, call for help, repeatedly. Worse, if it’s 3v1, I will immediately resign. Not even gonna warn my teammates, because they should’ve known better.

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It depends on the map, civ match ups, etc. If your ally can safely boom (f.e. moreso closed maps) and/or defend with minimal investment ala just siege or monks, then even if you’re 1v2 and not completely out of the game, your pocket booming can win the game, as the other two enemy players will have invested a lot to kill you so that they won’t be able to handle an Imperial army.

If it’s Arabia and your pocket decides to boom without any army, then… well, good luck. 11

That being said, your ally cannot immediately make army to help you (unless they’ve made army beforehand) as likely when they’re booming they have neither time nor res (villagers building time, army production time) to help you in the moment. Or if the enemy is literally knocking on your door, well - can’t you defend that yourself? Imagine if you’re 1v1, the enemy pocket is safely booming and your ally has to save you - now this is the reverse situation and enemy pocket will steamroll you after.

Very often especially at lower ratings, on closed maps, weak players expect their pockets to do all the actual carrying and think they’re doing some sort of fighting when they’re a) not making any army themselves, b) making TCs themselves, and c) flaring incessantly about one mangonel or army that really should be defendable alone.